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  1. dreadom

    Toots DTS

    Sad, sad news Toots Hibbert, the king of Ska and Bluebeat has died aged 77.
  2. dreadom

    Kirk Douglas DTS

    RIP Kirk, the guy was prolific:
  3. dreadom

    Greedy Smith DTS   I have seen Mental as Anything a number of times over the last 30+. Most recently was opening a day long festival of fellow...
  4. dreadom

    Ric Ocasek DTS

    Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the 1980s rock band The Cars, has died in New York, aged 75.
  5. dreadom

    Dr John DTS

    Dr. John, the six time Grammy Award winner whose gritty voodoo-inspired stage persona and whimsical way of speaking were as beloved in New Orleans as his piano-playing, has died. He was 77 years old...
  6. dreadom

    Vale Bob Hawke

    Bob Hawke, Australia's 23rd prime minister, dies aged 89
  7. dreadom

    Ranking Roger DTS

    Absolutely gutted. I love the Beat and had the pleasure of seeing Ranking Roger on numerous occasions.
  8. dreadom

    Pete Shelley DTS

    Terrible news. Pete Shelley the lead singer of hugely influential punk band The Buzzcocks has died of a heart attack aged 63.  I had the pleasure of catching them a couple times. Last time was in 2007 on our 1st honeymoon. Off to listen to a couple tracks, which I will share on here and shed a...
  9. dreadom

    Quentin Kenihan DTS

    Disability advocate and actor Quentin Kenihan dies in Adelaide, aged 43 Tough little fucker, born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Quentin had broken bones at birth and over the course of 43 years broke his bones more than 500 times, but that didn’t stop him or temper his enthusiasm. RIP...
  10. dreadom

    Speaking of pussies

    So apparently the moderators are the biggest pussies here. My thread which was posted in jest in response to a ridiculous law suit has been pulled. I suspect that it was because I titled the thread “Fuck you America and your legitious society”. Haha so much for your freedom of speech.I would...
  11. dreadom

    Michael Weilley

    If you have never heard of the incredible 80’s three piece band out of Sydney, you will never know how great Vspy v. Vspy were. Michael Weiley was an amazing guitarist and a  truly under appreciated talent.
  12. dreadom

    Spam Fest July ‘18

    I think it’s funny that spammers won’t even come to PA. 
  13. dreadom

    Solo kayak 2200 kms from Oz to NZ

    I met Scott a couple years back when he cruised with us on. Sydney- Gold Coast race. Success in his third attempt, 62 days to paddle from Coffs Harbour to NZ. Fucking crazy, determined and inspiring are a few of my first thoughts when he told me about his previous attempts. ...
  14. dreadom

    State of Origin 2018

    Game 1 of this year's State of Origin, takes place in only a few hours. This year for something completely different game 1 will be played out of state, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. I am surprised no one has brought it up yet, I haven't seen LB posting for a couple of days but could his...
  15. dreadom

    Phil Emmanuel DTS Sad day. My first memory of Phil and Tom Emmanuel was when they were in Goldrush. 
  16. dreadom

    Golden State Killer is caught

    The serial killer/ rapist known as the 'East Area Rapist', the ‘Original Night Stalker' also the 'Diamond Knot Killer'  and most recently the 'Golden State Killer' has been caught using DNA evidence. Turns out he was a cop. Sounds like a Hollywood movie, glad some of his victims are able to have...
  17. dreadom

    Mark E. Smith DTS

    Sad news, love him or hate him Mark E. Smith's band the Fall were extremely prolific releasing 32 albums since 1979.
  18. dreadom

    Grant Hart DTS Very sad news, I am a huge Husker Du fan and whilst his solo output hasn't been as prolific as former band mate Bob Mould, he did write some beautiful songs.  My first ever place with a girlfriend was a tiny studio apartment in...
  19. dreadom

    Banned from the TRump

    Love 'em or hate 'em? Personally I have been a fan since 1984. This isn't about their music and or politics- especially as they have always sided with the "let's get pissed" side of punk rock and have very little to do with the whole anti establishment ethos but there is seriously something...
  20. dreadom

    Dr. G. dts I had the pleasure of seeing Yothu Yindi at the first Big Day Out. They were on the Horden Pavilion stage, played an awesome rocking, almost punk set between the Celibate Rifles and...