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  1. JulianB

    Early examples of HP dinghys

    Hi, I have been asked to write a bit on "skiffs" as in Australian and NZ R-Class, 12ft skiffs, 14ft skiffs and of course the 18teens, but the root of these boats, rather than what they are. I have seen up close of personnel the New York Sandbaggers, and their evolvement mirrored those of the...
  2. JulianB


    So I'm building a 89er for myself, there is a possibility of a sister ship being built, but really, at my age, and with Covid and wanting to sial with mates around Australia, I'm doning this for me, myself and I along with maybe 6-8 sailing mates (inc females). I have quite a few people asking...
  3. JulianB

    Graphic representation of dinghy performance

    For the umptenth time I was asked 2 weeks ago what boats should a 12 year old Opie kid sail to best place him in a 49er when he gets into his late teens, early 20's. This mum, was very smart , far greater grasp of numbers than I, spreadsheets, etc, but I still struggled to get the flow across...
  4. JulianB

    China 29ers

    At the end of a day of sailing in Shanghai, the wind glassed out and the returning fleet of 29er was bombarded by 10 + opie kids who simply took over. Another series of 5-6 impromptu races saw these kids setting and dropping spin and acheiving 4-5 knts BS in next to no wind. Lots of fun, no...
  5. JulianB

    Int Moth Polars

    Anyone know where I can get a accurate polar for a foiling moth in 10-12knts of breeze. Be pretty interested in pre foiling along with foiling polar also. JB