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  1. silent bob

    The hunt for the crash of a A-12 Oxcart
  2. silent bob

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Red Snapper?!
  3. silent bob

    "National Un-Cleavage Day"

  4. silent bob

    The hunt for the crash of a A-12 Oxcart

    There’s one on display at the California Science Center at Exposition Park in Los Angeles.
  5. silent bob

    The house that Norm built

    I got to go for a sail with Norm. They did an episode in town, and part of it was taking him out for a sail. I was kicking around the docks that day. “Hey Bob, want to go for a sail and be on TV?” Didn’t get anything out of it, other that a nice day on the water. Norm, and all the crew...
  6. silent bob

    "National Un-Cleavage Day"

  7. silent bob

    Hurricane Season 2022

    Bad scams aren’t the only thing coming out of Nigeria!
  8. silent bob

    F1 2022 - New Cars, Fresh Start

    He just turned 25 today, and probably doesn’t have to work another day if doesn’t want to!
  9. silent bob

    F1 2022 - New Cars, Fresh Start

    Horse trading. RB/AT gave up Albon to Williams. Going to give up Gasly to Alpine. I think De Vries will be a good fit at Alpha Tauri. I hope Gasly will be a better fit at Alpine. Schumacher becomes the odd man out. I think he got brought in a year too early. It’ll also be interesting to...
  10. silent bob

    Plastimo Ladder Fender

    It’s poor at both of its objectives!
  11. silent bob

    Random PicThread

    They just took down he center span of the old bridge a couple of months ago.
  12. silent bob

    Easysea winch handle

    One word! So if I “Drop” it, not “Throw” it, overboard I’m good!
  13. silent bob

    "National Un-Cleavage Day"

    What wheel?!
  14. silent bob

    "National Un-Cleavage Day"

    Thought you might notice!
  15. silent bob

    Easysea winch handle

    Has anybody ever turned around to retrieve a floating winch handle?!
  16. silent bob

    "National Un-Cleavage Day"

  17. silent bob

    Anyone ever use a ceramic blade for a kelp-cutter?

    Titanium. Used it on several kelp cutters. Never had a problem!
  18. silent bob

    Coolio DTS

    Is that a Meth induced Heart Attack, or a Fentanyl Induced Heart Attack?
  19. silent bob

    Murder Charges for Abortion?

    Gay Bator shitting bricks about all the semen he’s flushed down the toilet!