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  1. toddster

    USB-C On The Boat

    OK, so we’ve gotten used to the universe of USB devices that nurse off of 5 VDC. Easy. Just string those USB/12V dual outlets all over the boat. Done. But now that it comes down to it, all the really cool stuff runs on USB-C and wants 19 or 20 VDC. And Really Important People are trying to...
  2. toddster

    Da Noo Bote

    For the last few years, I have been outfitting my 29-footer for The Great Escape. If the business fails, foreclosure looms, SHTF, I can Sail Away From It All. It’s ridiculously over-equipped. Well, S didn’t HTF, and I have retired with a bit of a nest egg. And my wandering eye has been cast...
  3. toddster

    Emergency Signals Test

    *sigh* No pics.  Really need to work on those GoPro reflexes. Action report, FWIW.  I had a few brush piles to burn around the property this week, so used my collection of expired signal flares to touch them off.   1.  30-years expired hand flares (from the life raft pack).  Cap fires but...
  4. toddster

    Laundry Day Anarchy

    Doing laundry on board. Maybe not an issue of great interest to most, but it's more fun than working on the tax files. Heretofore, I have dealt with laundry on board by exercising the bachelors prerogative, and as a last resort, the Big Bag of Quarters reserved for marina facilities (where they...
  5. toddster

    Propane hose assemblies.

    It's time to replace my long propane lines, from the propane locker to the appliances. (15 - 20 feet.) I don't really want to use copper in this application because too much of the run is hidden from casual observation, in a potentially corrosive environment. Name-brand assembled hoses from...
  6. toddster

    navigating off-shore wind farms

    This just out from the US National Academy of Science: Offshore wind farms can interfere with ship radar and navigation says new report. Like all NAS reports, it can be down-loaded for free, for those who wish to nerd-out. Floaty wind machines are still mostly hypothetical around these parts...
  7. toddster

    Another sad incident

    A local couple lost their boat and their lives.  The photo threw me for a minute - the boat capsized then righted itself as it washed ashore?  But I suppose all sorts of gyrations could happen when it hit the surf.   IDK what conditions were like that day - last week was a lot of light wind...
  8. toddster

    Dinghy Anchor Setup - Watcha got?

    Oh no! Another anchor thread!  But only a small one.  What do people carry for dinghy anchoring?   I've got some old stuff I thought I'd re-purpose for my deflatable dinghy but it seems to make an overly large bundle.   I took a look at the pre-assembled kits sold for that purpose but there...
  9. toddster

    Overland Capability

    So things are getting kind of serious and the “sail away” option might finally happen this year.  But as international borders are a bit sticky at the moment, I’ve been thinking about options for overland travel, as a supplement to cruising. When I first started The Plan, I figured that the...
  10. toddster

    the superyacht protocol

    Forget quarantine hotels... simply purchase an extra superyacht with an on-board clinic to screen and entertain your guests.
  11. toddster

    Beaufort Scales

    Do we have a dedicated thread to collect Beaufort-like Scales, and representations thereof?  I couldn't find one.  Pinterest just served up this print in my feed, which I think might make a nice piece of art for the boat or the office. (No commercial affiliation.)  I'm not sure how usefully...
  12. toddster

    DQOTD: Answered. Parachute flares.

    OK, everybody probably already knows this, except me. After actually trying out the crappy signals sold in the compliance kits, I've been rotating SOLAS signals into my kit. Buy one each year, so only one expires each year, and the cost never gets too outrageous.  Anyhow, they come packaged in...
  13. toddster

    Sketchy Yaquina Bar Rescue?

    From the sketchy details, it appears that the CG decided that the least risky way to assist this crew to enter Yaquina Bay was to have them jump into  cold water and swim to the MLB and then tow their ketch into port.  Things seem to have gone all right.  ...
  14. toddster

    Sailor, small boat lost off Oregon Coast Apparently he headed north from Newport at dusk Saturday - never seen again.  CG searched for a total of 11 hours, found wreckage with the boat name on it, and quit.   Body washed up Tuesday. Does...
  15. toddster

    Mast Stepping Time

    I've got some random world currencies in my sock drawer.  A dollar, a euro, and a few yen cover most of the bases?  Or should it be 71 cents for the vintage of the boat?   I'm thinking bed them in some butyl tape on the aluminum step. Or a drop of sikaflex? Only about half the planned haul-out...
  16. toddster


    Damn! Speaking of which...
  17. toddster

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    OK, so not sailors per se... obviously.
  18. toddster

    Nicro Solar Vent or Plastimo Dorade Vent ?

    I was thinking of adding a vent in the cabin top, opposite the heater vent.  It would be sorta symmetrical. I have a Nicro solar vent that could probably be Macguyvered back to life. Although I have never been very thrilled with its performance.   It was in the forward hatch lid, but I recently...
  19. toddster

    Taiwanese Opening Portlight Install

    One of those "bargains" that I picked up a few months ago at the marine exchange - nice unused stainless opening port that I thought was just the thing to bring some light and air into the quarter berth - from the cockpit footwell.  So, today I was rebedding another port and figured it was about...
  20. toddster

    The down side of "barn find" Zodiacs... I know, you told me so.

    Argh! Well, so much for "like new."  I've put maybe 20 miles on this thing - mostly skipping lightly along over mild wind ripples at 15 knots.  (It had never had a motor on it before.)   And, the front fell off.  Well, the bottom at the front.  The floor peeled away from the tubes along the...