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  1. Steve Clark

    Warren Miller 470 cl Back when the 470 was a big deal in the USA. Harken Vanguard before the “shape change.”  Vanguard was building ~300 470s a year. Went to less than 10 in 1984 when 470 International failed to enforce the hull plug/mold rules and...
  2. Steve Clark

    Means of propulsion

    I just got schooled in a previous thread for not knowing that The defined "illegal actions" had been removed from Rule 42 in this event. Which pretty much opens the door for unlimited kinetics or human propulsion as long as it is attached to the wing, sails, rudders or daggerboards or is...
  3. Steve Clark

    An actual question: Rule 42 and the Kiwi wing

    When the peddles were first revealed, the question arose," What were they going to do with the extra power?" After viewing several sailing videos it is apparent that the top of the Kiwi wing is far more active than the others, twisting further and returning faster than  other AC50 wings.  This...
  4. Steve Clark

    Rocky Mountain Lightweight Sharpie

    Rocky Mt. Lightweight Sharpie proposed sailplan2.pdf This is something Geoff and I started talking about a while ago. He has a nice I-14 rig and a bunch of 505 foils and nothing to put them on. There are no 14s in Utah and the rig is outmoded in the 14 class, There was a thread about what...
  5. Steve Clark

    Suppository Proposition

    Just as an intellectual exercise: What do you think the America's Cup competition would look like if they hadn't changed classes in 1989? The largest events were Newport and Pert, and participation was growing. Racing 12m in San Diego would have been dull, but not a whole lot duller than...
  6. Steve Clark

    Summertime RIP

    US 1009 the Kirby 7 I built for Eric Arens in 1981 was recently cut up because no one wanted to go to the trouble of not letting her be destroyed. Spent about 10 years holding onto her dignity while living on the streets of Treasure Island. Finally the burden of giving her space was too much...
  7. Steve Clark

    From our Kayaking Bretheren Just too much fun. SHC
  8. Steve Clark

    When did the flap cover tear?

    Just a question based on the following observation: Kiwis and US very even in speed until 1/2 way up the beat. In fact Oracle had crossed ETNZ. Suggesting that there might even be an upwind speed advantage to Oracle. Then things go suddenly and rapidly down hill. Between races tape repairs...
  9. Steve Clark

    It Lives!

    First we were like this: Then we were like this: Now we are like this: Cogito's wing lives again. And it's LIGHTER. Like 17% lighter. What you think we sleep at night around here? Stood up and went wiggle wiggle with only a minor amount of crunch crunch which will be solved with a...
  10. Steve Clark

    Alice's Resturant IC Molds

    Also up fro grabs are the josie molds. 2007 SHC design . Tools: Port hull and foredeck Starboard hull and foredeck Aft Deck. Rudder trunk daggerboard trunk Molds carved from blue flotation billet and glassed inside. Outside is plywood box. Deck mold pretty funky but serviceable. Not...
  11. Steve Clark

    Free Moth Molds

    Every year at Thanksgiving we get a dumpster in honor of Alice's Restaurant and throw away accumulated garbage of obsolete stuff. I have been housing the Hungry Beaver molds for Bill Beaver. Dave has taken a set of parts out of them and hasn't gotten all the way to done yet. They are on this...
  12. Steve Clark

    RIB repair

    So the tubes on the chase boat are getting really old and manky. Not surprising the thing is 20 years old, but the wear strips and patches are all coming up at the edges and peeling away gradually. The RIB went to the local repair shop and they mostly seem to have stuck thing back together...
  13. Steve Clark

    Fill in the blank

    What was here? SHC
  14. Steve Clark

    Moby Nick

    IF you are going to try to invest moping around and sailing an FJ in the snow with some significance by reciting classic American literature: get it right. Otherwise you look and sound like a dope. The real text is: Call me Ishmael. Some years ago- never mind how long precisely- having little...
  15. Steve Clark

    Wing Study Plans

    For your review. OpenWing.pdf Construction fixtures and specifications still being sorted. But this should give those interested something to chew on for a while. SHC
  16. Steve Clark

    Hellcat 1

    Someone needs to take Hellcat home and restore her. She is the first C Class Catamaran. She was designed by Rod Macalpine Downey and built by Reg White in 1962. She defeated Beverly in the 1962 Little America;s Cup 4-1. She was modified by Roy Bacon in 1964 to a una rig and her beams were...
  17. Steve Clark

    Fred is in SO much trouble

    It's a bit like a picture of a polar bear in a blizzard, but I thought you would like to see: Hulls are back from Itcheban, they are lighter than Cogito's. We set the beams (also lighter than Cogito's) in place to give a visual of what the beast will look like assembled If I told you by...
  18. Steve Clark

    College Dinghy

    ICSA Dinghy. Rationale: Over the last 25 years Vanguard and the members of the ICSA have progressively modified the building specifications of the Flying Junior and 420. These boats are structurally very close to ideal for their use. But they are also significantly heavier than their design...
  19. Steve Clark

    125 ft^2 development class

    Photo of an early 60's boat sailing in Miami. Class started in 20s by Billy Atkin in Huntington LI with next to no rules. 125 ft^2. 22.5 max LOA beam min 3.5' Beam max 5.6 Free board min 6" No ballast, one centerboard one rudder, pointed bow. Weight was defined by materials used, so...
  20. Steve Clark

    Hellcat C Class K1

    Some years ago Roy Bacon asked me to take on Hellcat 1. She was the first C Class designed by Rod McAlpine Downey and the first defender of the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy. As a twist of fate, the first Hellcat to sail in the ICCT was Hellcat II, a fiberglass edition of the design...