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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Only allowed one axis of movement in the rudder
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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Correct, you still need to steer the boat. But if you can sacrifice 10% of effective steering to gain 5% of lift, and safely design around it, you might change the structure and nature of the boat and risk the rules to put the rudders in the middle. See VO70 angled daggerboards (although not a...
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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Angle of leeward rudder is designed around flight control of the back of the boat, so windward rudder can be "classically" lifted and protected.
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    Cheating way to insert bolt into light carbon laminate & polystyrene foam

    This is the way. As Zinker said make sure you get a bent spike to carve out some foam right at the underside of the carbon. Also be wary of the allen key trick with thin laminates and dense-ish foam, as sometimes the laminate is not strong enough to keep the key centred and you wind up marring...
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    Pink Sails.. how to change color?

    Exterior hanging sign paint/ink. Local graphics/signmaker should have some. Roll on black
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    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Still strict measurements for hull/rig/sails but the 'extraneous' one-design elements will be relaxed (ropes, bags, interior fittings, etc)
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    Halyard Locks - Karver, Facnor?

    You know I have to keep talking to keep the voices in my head quiet! Good point on the halyards, we had to step ours down to a 4mm tip to get the lock working reliably. Discovering that over-hoisting is problematic as well. Hope the racing is as good as always in Newport
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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Hoist: normal grind, if need be attach a velcro 'hooker' to keep head close to forestay/chicken stay. Drop: pull sail off lock, 1-2 wraps on winch, run halyard through carabiner to redirect to foredeck, and ease sail to yourself.
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    Halyard Locks - Karver, Facnor?

    Vendee and Class40 sailors use halyard locks for plenty. The Karver locks are good if sized appropriately and maintained. Make sure your halyard is skinny enough (too thick and will bind in the spigot) and avoid overhoisting/overloading. Don't have experience with Facnors, but Wichard...
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    Rope Clutches for 5/16" - 3/8" high tech line

    Go constrictor. Lighter and cheaper. Clutches will eat ropes regardless, ceramics will speed up the process.
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    It's part of the price negotiation, like container contents, spares, labour handover,  etc. The data gained is as valuable as anything else. HW 
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    Head lamp for offshore ... what's the latest/greatest kit?

    Best on the market, there's a reason all the Volvo guys use them. Pricey but worth it if you do anything wet. Survived (easily) 2yr of offshorebow on a vo65. Only lost it foolishly overboard.
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    All things Class40

    Is the class allowing limited application of carbon now or is that a core/resin change at the mast bulkheads and rudder bearings?
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    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    The boats are all still basically "one design" except for extraneous  additions or repairs that will maybe not be measured in for next race (rope supplier, canvas, medical/safety spares, etc). As for rating differences, this is still a mystery.
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    All things Class40

    Quite certain that's not why the backstays broke.
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    Dyneema splice strength again

    Use a lashing and thimbles. You can make a loup to hang a thimble from the bottom turnbuckle pin, lashing is stronger than the cable/wire/strop anyways, and you'll never be able to get workable tension with a whoopie sling (sliding splice).
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    Amsteel Blue soft shackles - Making to order

    Worth noting there are a few hundred threads (seems like) about DIY softies on this site, so maybe worth sending some out to local yacht shops as end-cap fillers. IMO softies are consumable items to be made from old halyards/sheets HW
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    Clubswan 125

    Already had one ram failure during sea trials so wouldn't be surprised at a second after racing shake-down. HW
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    Lower rudder bearing housing replacement

    If you're going to buy new, just cut the housing into segments. Make sure the cuts are tapered out so they don't lock in the segment you've just released. Even screwing up a few cuts by going to deep is guaranteed to be less damage to the hull/sleeve than using a hole saw. Make sure you have...
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    Welding Keel Bolts

    Close, but through-drill instead of tapped, and a flat on the bottom to accept washer/nut. So it was a rod with two threaded ends, instead of a length of all-thread. Was also reasonable beefy, in the range of 70mm dia drill hole IIRC. HW