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  1. Ajax

    Cruising to Martha's Vineyard- Specifics

    I searched for this and found many threads saying "go to Martha's Vineyard" or "I've been to Martha's Vineyard" but nothing specific on the best place to dock/anchor/moor a cruising sailboat or the approaches and hazards. I'm guessing Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven? Which is preferable? When are...
  2. Ajax

    The Official "AITA" Thread

    Reddit has the "Am I the Asshole?" subreddit. I don't use Reddit but I thought maybe we could use something similar. Feel free to drop yours in here as they occur. When I have a negative encounter, I try to be introspective and ask myself if I was in the wrong. Here's mine for this weekend...
  3. Ajax

    Piracy Business Model

    Well, this explains everything.
  4. Ajax

    Annapolis No Discharge Zone

    Just an FYI for Chesapeake Sailors- The Capital-Gazette reports that Annapolis is now an NDZ. You may not discharge even treated effluent into the Severn River and surrounding areas. The effective date was actually July 1st 2022. First time is a warning, subsequent offenses are up to $2,000...
  5. Ajax

    Getting a proper bond with epoxy

    I have a freaking enormous lazarette that is underutilized. I would like to install some small shelving and various brackets to stow things down there and also re-balance the boat by spreading some weight around. My hull is cored and I absolutely refuse to violate the skin boundary by screwing...
  6. Ajax

    Homebuilt Pump out apparatus

    I wasn't sure if I should put this in CA, GA or FA. Has anyone ever built their own shit sucker? The cost of pumping out is just getting stupid and I have to travel to use it because I don't keep my boat at a marina. A shop-vac might not have the pull necessary to extract from the deck fitting...
  7. Ajax

    An Uncommon Hazard

    This weekend, I participated in a very small, very casual race in Annapolis. My daughters crewed for me. We took 3rd place and the trophy was a nice bottle of Mt. Gay, which I let the girls have for their efforts. Annapolis is an absolute fucking zoo. I assure you, these people are not feeling...
  8. Ajax

    Marshall Sanderling 18 Catboat

    This is sort of a dinghy question but Dinghy Anarchy seems more about racing dinghies where as the Marshall catboats are very cruisy. I figured some of classic boat people around here might know the answer. I have a friend who is buying a Marshall 18. He's been told that it's "self bailing" but...
  9. Ajax

    Brass stuck inside of bronze

    My dockmate has a cruising boat ending in "-eau."  (New to him) Some clown screwed in an ordinary brass (male) elbow into the (female) bronze seacock for the air-conditioning seawater intake.  The elbow is pretty corroded and cracked. The valve shuts just fine so there's no risk of flooding...
  10. Ajax

    Noonsite, clearing in and entering territorial waters

    I am only recently starting to explore the topics in the subject line.  I've finally created a free account on Noonsite and I've been looking through the resources. Lots of good stuff. I have many questions but let's start with something simple.  Let's say that your intended destination is the...
  11. Ajax

    Depth discrepancy between Triton2 and Zeus3

    Hello all, I've ditched my old Datamarine gear and installed a N2K network on the boat. I started off with a Zeus3 7" plotter. I've added an Airmar DST810 and a Triton2 display. On the Zeus3 and the Triton, I have selected the Airmar as the source for depth and speed. On the Zeus3 I have...
  12. Ajax

    Amidships boarding ladders

    I have the typical, stainless steel stern boarding ladder.  We never use it. The stern bobs too much to make for convenient transfers to the dinghy.  Boarding amidships at the axis of motion is much easier and safer. Right now, I use a Plastimo "fender ladder."  It protects the paint and it...
  13. Ajax

    A Box of Maine

    For Xmas my kids ordered me a box of stuff from Maine- 2 live,  1.5lb bugs from Graffham Bros, 1/2 dozen oysters, cocktail sauce,  2 Whoopi pies and dark chocolate with Bourbon in it. 
  14. Ajax

    When to abandon windward progress

    You'd think I would know the answer to this question, but I don't. Simply put: At what point does windward progress become unfeasible and you should think about parking or running off?  After a certain point, wind intensity and wave height/periodicity will make windward progress impossible. I...
  15. Ajax

    Powering a windlass

    Many people here have advocated that I install a windlass. I subscribe to the "go simple" philosophy but I also understand the reality of adding a shitload of chain to my rode and that I'll be pushing 60 when I retire.  My boat has a large cabin trunk and precious little space on the foredeck...
  16. Ajax

    Designing a marine bidet

    The "poo" thread got me thinking-  Why not design a bidet fixture for marine toilets? I recently installed a bidet into my toilet at home. I'm no stranger to these fixtures, having used them in the Near East and Europe. I greatly prefer them to wads of paper.  One of the biggest gripes about...
  17. Ajax

    How many poles in my alternator?

    My tach-o-meter has failed so I replaced it. The instructions direct me to select A, B, C or D depending on my pulley ratio and the number of poles my alternator has. I have determined my pulley ratio but I have no idea how many poles my alternator has. It's an old Motorola MR12N600D...
  18. Ajax

    Typical starter current draw?

    I'm replacing my battery selector switch. I want to ensure that it is properly sized. What is the typical current draw of a 3-cylinder, diesel engine starter? That is my heaviest load. Next heaviest would probably be the glow plugs.
  19. Ajax

    B&G Zeus3, Triton2 and Airmar questions

    A few quick and easy questions for the hard-core set: My old Datamarine speed/depth/temp combo went up in smoke.  I have a Zeus3 plotter. I'd like to buy the Triton2 speed/depth/temp package. When properly networked, can I display speed/depth on the Zeus as well as the Triton display? Can...
  20. Ajax

    Up in Smoke

    Wow, what a weekend. First of all the new cutless bearing did not solve the vibration issue. Something else is going on. More on that later, I have a few new theories. Second, I capsized my Dyer dinghy during the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival race. I made a bad tack, got stuck in irons...