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    Religion is the opiate of the people “The Arkhangelsk Battalion - this is not only a geographical reference, it means that you will be under the protection and patronage of Archangel Mikhail,” Tsybulsky said in a...
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    Appeasement never is a good idea

    From March 18 marks the sixth anniversary of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. Attention now focuses on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in Donbas, a conflict that has taken some 14,000...
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    Why do Canadian swastikas look so much like a maple leaf?

    Trudeau says his anti mandate protestors are waving swastikas. I can't seem to find them.
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    Proud Boy lies At a crucial moment during 2020’s racial justice protests, Seattle police exchanged a detailed series of fake radio transmissions about a...
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    Why no charge of insurrection?

    Most of this stuff looks like a fancy name for trespassing in the presence of politicians.
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    AOC's fantasies

    What?  Republicans want to date her? You mean a real date where you have to pay attention to her and at least pretend that she has something interesting to say? Or, is it just a euphemism for sex? If that's the case, (thanks to cuirrent immigration policies) there are hundreds of younger...
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    Bidden finally admits that the Federal government control is not a solution
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    A bit of amusement

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    An issue worth thinking about?

    The environment problem comes from the US and Europe, right?
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    Hey, it's Florida, must be stupid.

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    Science vs. Bureacracy

    A cut and paste from the NYT daily feed. Science vs. bureaucracy For the 15 million Americans who have received the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine, the confusing messages from the federal government just keep coming...
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    Sinking Ship

    Why would the administration hire a Canadian Company to recruit actors and produce an ad? Curiously, I've had cataract surgery and could see the craters of the moon last night even through light cloud cover.
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    Bernie can't count

    From "Two people do not have the right to sabotage what 48 want, what the president of the United States wants. That, to me, is wrong," Sanders added later. It should say that 48 people do not have the right to...
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    Speculative Fiction

    Grok?  TANSTAAFL
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    Attention Tesla owners

    You may soon be able to stop running on coal and natural gas. A potential breakthrough: The United States Department of Energy (DOE) Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and the Nuclear...
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    The Stomp Reflex The Stomp Reflex Emergency powers tend to only go one way: top-down. During an emergency, the knee-jerk reaction is always to stomp-down, to reinforce those atop hierarchies in the state and...
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    Thank you California

    For giving up a House seat to Montana.
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    Perhaps of some interest.

    It's a new minority!
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    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    At least the capitol police can clear somebody out of the building.
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    Why are the democrats trying to create a martyr

    The violent folks are being tracked and dealt with.  Everybody else went home for the curfew. Long term, this vile hatred will have consequences.