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  1. silent bob

    Theodore 'TC' Calvin DTS Roger E. Mosley, known as Theodore 'TC' Calvin in the original Magnum P.I. Has passed.
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    Vin Scully - DTS
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    Shinzo Abe

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    Chesa Boudin

    George Soros’ patsy San Francisco District Attorney has been SHITCANNED!  Hopefully,  Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón is next! He blames Right Wing Billionaires for his demise! 
  5. silent bob

    Jeff Zucker   Carrying on a relationship with a Cuomo aide without disclosing it?     Maybe they’ll hire Chris Cuomo to come back and lead the company?  Or maybe that gay drunk guy from New Years Eve?    
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    Betty White

    Betty White has passed away, just days before her 100th bithday.
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    Hazel Chapman

    Hazel Chapman, widow of Lotus founder Colin Chapman, has passed away at 94.  She played a large role in the history of Lotus.
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    Slick Willy gets the Clap

    Hillary seems a little miffed that he didn’t croak, like Epstein!
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    A Rat Jumping Off a Sinking Ship

    You know the end is near when your own party wont come to support you: Trying to blame the issue in Afghanistan?  Is she going to Kabul to hold hands?  I don't think so!  Is she...
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    Ed Lada, is this you?   Or just someone smoking too muck Vodka?
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    Larry Flynt Happy Ending?  I don't think so...
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    Hank Aaron
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    Bitchen’ Camaro

    Bitchen’ Camaros banned in California and Washington.  Not because of too much horsepower, or too loud!  Banned because the brake pads contain too much copper.  you can’t make this shit up!
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    Johnny Nash Not to be overshadowed by EVH!  He was great in his own way!
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    2020StFYC Big Boat Series
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    Down Goes the Hedgehog Q:  When did you realize that you were raped?   A: When his check bounced! 
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    Jan-Michael Vincent
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    Peter Tork
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    ¡No habla inglés!
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    Why do you let your dogs continuously bark, especially in public?  I’m at the beach, clearly marked that dogs aren’t allowed.  Fucking dog in the shore break, barking it’s fucking head off!   If you’re going to ignore the fucking rules, can you shut your fucking dog up?   A coulpe slips over...