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  1. TeamFugu

    skiff / 29er speed in light wind

    Are you dragging the transom? moving forward will lift the transom out of the water and allow the water to leave the hull cleaner. Maybe have someone take pictures of you next to one of the other boats doing better and compare your position, heel, sail shape, etc. Also not how quiet(lack of...
  2. TeamFugu

    Adding weight

    The "best" place would be as close to the center of mass as possible. That will dampen or at least not increase the rocking and pitching moment. That being said, some more modern classes, like the ISSA require the weight to be distributed so the boat passes a "swing" test where when the boat is...
  3. TeamFugu

    "Soccer" parents in sailing....

    The problem I have with "soccer" parents, hopefully I wasn't one of the bad ones, is that they forget that the elite stars of any sport are very rare and truly special. 99.9% of children that start a sports program will never make it to the top of a sport. Coaches to as much as they can. In the...
  4. TeamFugu

    Advise for dealing with unexpected high wind

    I've been hit by gusts over 60 knots in my Swift and a 505. I was lucky enough to be in very deep water so I just sat on the windward side of the upturned hull.  Otherwise the wind would get under the deck and send the boat into cartwheels down the lake. It was far too windy to even think of...
  5. TeamFugu

    Seasickness? On a Dinghy? How often / why?

    I have never had seasickness on a dinghy. For me, I have to be below deck on a leadmine where the air is stale and I can't see the horizon. Working with my head low bakes it worse. Sometimes I can clear it by looking out windows. If someone else looses it, all bets are off and I'm joining in.
  6. TeamFugu

    Flying dutchman question

    A picture of where they are could help a lot. If they are on either side of the mast and especially if there isn't a tube in the bow ahead of the forestay, they are probably for the spinnaker.
  7. TeamFugu

    Hull shape vs chop

    Narrow beam will go through chop faster. I know that between the Muston Performance Skiff and the Swift Solo, the narrower Musto with it's hard chines frees the water faster than the curved wings of the Swift where the water tends to go up the hull all the way to the gunwales. A Laser will just...
  8. TeamFugu

    Synthetic Rigging on Skiffs

    We still use a lot of Dyneema. Some have changed out rod rigging for Dyneema. The recommendation is to change it out frequently but I've been running the same rigging since my boat first hit the water. I store my spars inside and don't set my boat up in a boat yard for the season so there is...
  9. TeamFugu

    What boots / shoes for trapeze?

    My preference are split toe surfing booties. They don't roll, are soft so I can curl my toes around deck fittings or the rail to get extra grip and tend to slip less than anything else I've used.
  10. TeamFugu

    Dinghy Beaufort Scale

    I've seen everywhere from boredom to off the scale. At 80+knots, I have to sit on the upwind, wing to keep my Swift turtled. The cats tend to tumble down the lake no matter what you do. Not a pretty sight afterwards. Seen 80+ a couple times in a leadmine as well. Took a knockdown with bare poles...
  11. TeamFugu

    Laser Rigging Restrictions

    Why yes there are. You can by kits that will retrofit your rig. I'm not fond of the way they work but they are class legal. Search the class site for the rules.
  12. TeamFugu

    Dinghy Wear

    I have a pretty heavy skiff farmer John that I wear all of the time. As much for protection from getting cut as for warmth. If it is too hot, I just roll it down to my waist and select what is comfortable on top. I was taking a lot of crap from my mates one day. It was 90F in the shade and I was...
  13. TeamFugu

    49er hoist main sail issues

    On my Swift Solo, it helps to push the sail up from the bottom as you hoist. Sometimes I stop half way up and then put a lot of mast bend on to help take the pressure off the track from the battens. If you don't already have a 2:1 on the halyard, I'd add that too.
  14. TeamFugu

    Gybing. Board, yes or no

    When I had my 505, I sure noticed a difference. I tried to make one for my Swift but couldn't get the gasket to stick and gave up. The only drawback I saw was when going down wind, the board would gybe when I didn't want it to and the boat would jump out from under me. I've heard of I14's with...
  15. TeamFugu

    Looking to Crew for Dinghy Racing -- Newbie

    I think the best thing is to find a local fleet and ask around. Sometimes crew, especially good crew are hard to find. Locate a local fleet/club you'd like to get involved with. Show up to a regatta or practice and ask around. There might be someone who isn't participating that is short crew. If...
  16. TeamFugu

    Laser C6 rig from the front page

    The curve at the bottom helps with the luff tension and sail support. It also looks cool and hides the vang.  I like the sail but wish they would address the rudder too. That original beast needs a serious redesign. I'd like to see a larger sail too but I don't think I'll switch from my Swift...
  17. TeamFugu

    Square top and plastic mast track

    We have a similar issue with the Swift masts. A couple things, everyone has had issues with the track. Over time, the PVC hardens and starts to crack and we have had issues with the lamination failing. I haven't had the track open up and let the bolt rope pull out though. We generally hoist with...
  18. TeamFugu

    How do you tote your boom around

    I had a 505 once and would just put the boom in the bottom of the boat. Pad it a bit and lash it so it wouldn't bounce around. Now with my Swift, I have a box trailer I haul the boat with and just lash the boom to the hoist I added to the trailer. 
  19. TeamFugu

    How long to get FD from trailer to sailing?

    I think it should be similar. My Swift Solo is similarly complex and can set up in less than an hour, unless I attract a crowd trying to see what I've got. If you don't rig the spinnaker, it shouldn't be much worse than the 16
  20. TeamFugu

    505 vs. 470

    I am very much biased to the 505. I had one for several years and loved it. Sold it only due to life changes and couldn't watch it turn into a weed catcher. The 470 is a good platform but the build quality, at least the ones I was familiar with, was suspect. We had a demo that got very soft in...