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  1. justsomeguy!

    The house that Norm built

    Just enjoyed the PBS special celebrating Norm Abram's career on This Old House/The New Yankee Workshop. He was/is instrumental in my world of DIY.
  2. justsomeguy!

    David Warner DTS

    Thought he was great in The Island with Michael Caine.
  3. justsomeguy!

    120v electrical problem.

    A friend has a 74 Camper and Nicholsons 42 ketch. Anybody familiar with these older boats? Got power to the panel, but the voltmeter's not showing anything, nor are the GFI outlets. Oddly, the wires coming off the breakers are black (neutral), white (hot), and yellow-green (earth). He says...
  4. justsomeguy!

    Why the past 10 years of American life have been uniquely stupid

    A bit long, but worth the read I believe.
  5. justsomeguy!

    Chrome on a phone

    Anyone else found a recent glitch where the Chrome browser can't quote or post? Also, Youtube vids not displaying?
  6. justsomeguy!

    E. O. Wilson DTS

    92 years.
  7. justsomeguy!

    Travel agency scam warning

    Planning a trip via the airlines? DO NOT USE NEWTRAVELTRIP.COM! Wifey booked passage for an 7th August wedding on 24th June, then received email confirmation that the e-ticket would be issued when the credit card came through. Next day, credit card statement showed the charge, so I drop her...
  8. justsomeguy!

    50 years since the end of the Bretton Woods monetary system

    Yes, it's the "World Socialist Web Site". It's quite a long read, and it's pretty fatalistic wrt capitalism, high finance, credit and debt. "Above all, the crucial task is the building of the revolutionary party to lead the working...
  9. justsomeguy!

    Congratulations Sir Richard Branson
  10. justsomeguy!

    Random pseudo-profound bullshit generator

    Impress your electronic compatriots! Baffle your "enemies" with the
  11. justsomeguy!

    Small leak on Perko seacock handle

    Opened up the cubby where the head's outgoing through-hull resides and found a couple of pints of seawater. Upon further inspection it seems to be a slow drip from the handle, mostly when open. According to Perko, they sell a rebuild kit that has a new ball, ball seats and two O rings for the...
  12. justsomeguy!

    Amazon fire stick

    Does anyone here use Amazon's fire stick? None of the local purveyors have demo models on the sales floor, it seems. I'm trying to get a sense of how much buffering would take place if I used my cell phone as a mobile hot spot to run the thing. My 4G connectivity is pretty okay. I'd likely buy...
  13. justsomeguy!

    Myanmar coup

    People are weird.
  14. justsomeguy!

    Plagues of the past, and what we learned from them

    Of course, promptly forgotten. It was the dead of night in mid-November 1582. A sailor stepped onto the dock at the port of Alghero, Sardinia, and took in the view of the city for the last time.
  15. justsomeguy!

    Alms for patriots

    GoFundMe accounts used to help folks attend Capitol riots. I guess they're not that much better off than they were four years ago.
  16. justsomeguy!

    Noam Chomsky's take on Trump's legacy

    Can you think of anyone in human history who has dedicated his efforts to undermining the prospects for survival of organized human life on earth? Remarkable, no?
  17. justsomeguy!

    The Great Barrington Declaration

    Not that there's all that much that's "great" about it.
  18. justsomeguy!

    Well, duh.
  19. justsomeguy!

    The possibility of Covid19 re-infection

    90 subject case study not yet peer reviewed.