100th Running Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac


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Sorry, I got the picture but it looks like I was too late........See you all at the party!


Golf Clap Eric, well done.

If there's anything you want me to add, or you want to know, just say so.

Clean if you get a chance try to interview the Red J 120 Perseverance, they won thier class 3 out of the past 5 years so they will have the rest of the class trying to beat thier ass. It should be in a slip at the CYC Monroe Station


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on SA at times
My two cents:

What an incredible race.

430 or so boats. Wow!

A slow and painful start.

The fog was almost causing claustrophobia.

The close call with the ferry coming out of the fog with 2 second warning blast.

The long second day.

The most incredible lightning show in stereo I have ever seen...in the distant north.

Wow. The colours!!

The stars and the orange almost still full moon rise from behind a cloud (Sunday).

The wind that came in bursts.

The wild finish with strong winds and watching a sailboat hit the shoals in the other side of the bridge. Full stop.

The pile-up of vessels checking in at Mackinac Is. and nowhere to tie up for a moment (about 9:15 pm).

The horrid rain on the motor back to St. Ignace (fondly known as Iginick).

The yummy pizza brought to us (the wet rats) on board and the well earned rum drinks (just after midnight).

The 8 of 11 of us left onboard to sleep in wet conditions. (What is sleep anyways?)

The few of us that dried and packed up the boat on Tuesday and then the ferry ride to Mac. Is.

The lack of vehicles except horse-drawn carriages and bicycles on the island....what a sight.

The sea of red hats....follow the yellow brick road. Hahaha.

The camaraderie.

The bubbles, the laughs.

The SA party and having Max Headroom get on one knee and kiss my hand...(blush).

My first long lake experience and most probably not my last.

What an incredible journey....it does not leave me wanting for ocean racing...although....hee hee.

Thank you team and thank you race committee and thank you CYC for making this a most memorable moment in time.

Light & Love,

Helllion B)

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