110 Anarchy


Super Anarchist
Narragansett Bay PHRF 173
About like a J 24.
Who wins depends on how hard it blows.
In most cases the 110 wins. The only time I remember being beaten by a J24 in an around the island race it was being sailed by John Mollicone, who was at the very pointy end of that class at the time. I’m not sure they would have actually gotten us if we weren’t forced into a crash tack when a J22 we had been short tacking the shore with hadn’t pulled an early tack back that we didn’t expect. Rail was fully submerged on that one!

The deck looks great. I like the integrated mast partners quite a bit.


Super Anarchist
Sydney mostly
I'm thinking the weekend of June 17-18th
May need to go somewhere else on the 18th as 19th is booked up
And need to be in Germany 21-24th.

I will write the 3 of you a email.