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News Update for P t P

2:00pm - Friday

Pick the Podium starts in earnest this Sunday 6th November. We will open up with the "Free to Play" comp to get you guys comfortable with the form of the fleet and get your race faces tuned up for the races to come, especially the JJ Giltinan.

We will open the "Pay to Play" weekly comp on Sunday 4th December, and by then you should be well across your boat form and up for the chance to win the Cash pool.

The more that play the bigger the Cash pool up to AUD$7000.00. Last Sunday's Podium result was 1st Asko, 2nd Compass Global Markets, and 3rd Noakes Sailing with Ash Rooklyns crew on board.

Seabreeze has Sunday's forecast as an SW early, and bending around to a S Easterly for the boats to be on big rigs at this stage........keep your eye on it. And don't forget you can edit your picks right up to 2:00pm AEST ......this is a new software feature for you to take advantage of.

However I believe, this Sunday's Podium could be quite different, and the reasons being....the two favorites for line honors last week, Smeg and Thurlow Fisher Lawyers, uncharacteristically had swims, along with Asko, Yandoo, Triple M who in normal circumstances would have been in the running at the end.

Rag & Famish Hotel, Noakes Youth are worth factoring in for Sunday.

Compass Global Markets is scratched and won't start, and AppliancesOnline Line is doubtful so leave them out.....if I receive any better advice re AOL I will post it So there you go....finally we can start the P t P fun and games Good luck on Sunday BK

News Update & Pick the Podium Info

12:45pm - Monday

Yesterday's scratch race promised to be a good guide for the start up of next week's Pick the Podium, which will be another scratch race. The podium yesterday was 1st Rag & Famish (Tom Clout), 2nd Compass Global Markets (Keagan York), and Noakes Sailing (Ashlyn Rooklyn). I recommend you watch the replay on https://www.youtube.com/user/18footersTV if you haven't done so, as it will refresh you mind as to how a race can unfold in the last lap with the front runners can come to grief through no real fault of the crew, but just the luck of a big puff or a big set of power boat waves......so luck and skill is needed by you players of P t P.

Now, to assist you get comfortable for establishing your first Picks for next Sunday, and here's my take away from yesterday's race....

Strangely, the "Mighty Smegglers" Smeg (Lee Knapton) had a very ordinary race by their standards, but I don't expect a repeat of that any time soon.

Thurlow Fisher Lawyers (Michael Coxon) was red hot yesterday until they got nailed going to the finish.....they were lucky to escape injury from their crash (check it out, it was massive).

The rest of the group to consider for your Podium, but factoring in the Seabreeze wind forecast for next Sunday first, the list is in my mind is ..

Rag & Famish, Asko, Noakes Youth, and Compass Global Markets(nb scratched now) , as they impressed me yesterday, finishing 2nd after TFL took it down, but they easy sailed the fasted time over the last lap, so they need to be on your radar as "hot prospects" in these scratch races.

Outside of those boats, Line 7 had their first outing in their new Skiff yesterday, Yandoo was in the mix after two legs, but broke their bow pole, Triple M was handy until they swam......there's my list of boats to play with. My advice, is to hold off entering your Picks until at least Wednesday, when the Seabreeze forecast should be adjusted to provide you with a picture, especially, if you open up their Synoptic Weather Chart which will show the Systems and their rate of movement on the way to Sunday.....

.the more information you have to play with the better before you enter your Podium. Also, be aware that you can edit your Picks up until 2:00pm AEST, in other words you can change your mind as many times as you like before that cut off time on Race Day.

The other good news to tell you is that our new FB page is up and available to play with "Pick the Podium 18ft Skiff Racing Sydney Harbour" just search Pick the Podium. our new FB page should come up with those three words. In the meantime, get an invite out to your friends and family, because as a playing group of like minds, I believe you could open up move options for one of you winning a race Pay to Play game, and grow your points tally in the Free to Play progressive point score. That's it for now......it's time to get this Competition started I will update you further into this week BK
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All of the manly 16ft skiff races are being filmed live this year. Head over to their YouTube channel. 16FootersTV. Great commentary from josh McKnight and others. Killo jumps on board for the club Championship races. This weekend it's Race 1 and 2 of the state championships hosted by Middle Harbour 16ft skiff club and will be live on YouTube from around 2:30 both days.



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odds wise you must remember the current form

from last season ( which only finished earlier this year)

JJ championship results Mar 2016

1. SMEG AUS - Lee Knapton, Mike McKensey, Ricky Bridge 3 2 5 1 2 5 8 26 with drop 18

2. YAMAHA NZ - David McDiarmid, Matthew Steven, Bradley Collins 6 4 4 3 11 1 1 30 w/ drop 19

3. APPLIANCESONLINE.COM.AU AUS - David Witt, Tom Anderson, Tom Clout 4 1 1 2 9 7 23 47 w/ drop 24

4. GOTTA LOVE IT 7 AUS - Seve Jarvin,- John Winning Jr., Nick Catley 1 6 2 5 4 6 14 38 w/ drop 24

5. THURLOW FISHER LAWYERS AUS - Michael Coxon, Trent Barnabas, Dave O’Connor 2 3 7 8 16 2 3 41 w/ drop 25

Cockos team won the club championship, 2nd in Australians etc, also pushing in the off-season championships overseas

Boats you mention were certainly in form in the JJs tho 5/6 points off the off the leading pair


there are results and 'form' since the aussie season end, shows NOAKES Youth (7th in JJs) is the boat with the most 'form' improvement

The international regattas and championships http://rayc.co.nz/aklskiffleague/

the first in New Zealand

1 NZL Yamaha 13.0

2 AUS Thurlow Fisher Lawye 21.0

3 AUS Noakes Youth 32.0

4 AUS Smeg 37.0 w/ Micah

5. AUS Peroni 39.0

and finally the Mark Foy Worlds in Fiji

1 Yamaha NZL David McDiarmid Brad Collins Matt Stevens 11.0

2 Thurlow Fisher Lawye AUS Michael Coxon James Darron Trent Barnabas 14.0

3 Harken USA Howard Hamlin Skip McCormack Daniel Phillips 30.0

4 C-Tech NZL Alex Vallings Scott Barns Shayne Young 36.0

5. Smeg AUS Micah Lane Ricky Bridge Mike Mckensey 36.0

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down to the wire on equal points for this afternoons final race

watch race 5 live here, http://www.18footers.com.au/sailing/index.html

or on youtube '18footersTV'

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