1990s Schionning Growler build

One for the Aussies, just curious as to whether the boat in the pics ever got finished and how it sailed.

A guy I know bought it about 10 years ago still unfinished, in the water motoring but no rig or sails. He got it dirt cheap but as it had been moored on the Noosa river for 10 plus years unused it needed heaps of work. It’s currently in the Elliott River but usually lives between there and the Baffle Creek area. It sails okay but is not the speed machine it looks to be. It doesn’t have the spokeless wheel as shown on the drawings. The boat @MRS OCTOPUS mentions above is probably the 50’ version which was built for the guy who used to own ‘Ultra Mudbug’ which was Adrian Rogers(of Shotover fame) old boat. I think they were the only Schionning Growlers ever built. I’ve never heard how the 50 footer performed but I heard it also had a very long gestation period!


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We used to say that large kitsets typically had 3 owners.

1. The guy that started the project but ran out of give a shit after a couple of years worth of weekends.
2. The guy that bought it cheap thinking that having most of the composite work done meant it was almost finished and there wasn't much more to spend.
3. The guy that picked it up of the second guy but had enough money to pay an expert to finish it.

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