20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

Jim Donovan

Laser level set on some wood chunks inside the boat established tank tops.
Made some carbon angle over a 2 x 4 "mold" to form a carbon channel; split it in half and get two carbon angles. Those angles get bonded to the bhds and hull, and the the tank tops simply glue down onto those.

Glued down the aft tank top and then applied a fillet at the hull intersection; peel plied that fillet so it's 100% ready for a covering laminate.

Mast partner/step will be adjustable on Hull 1 so I can "tune" the rig placement; I'll have 60mm F&A and +/- 3 degrees of rake available.
Center tank is waiting for the daggerboard so I can sort out the trunk; going to build that so we can adjust the board rake a few degrees aft.

Laser Level.jpg

Peel Ply on Fillet.jpg

Jim Donovan

Thanks Russell!

We had our third class today, laminating the inner carbon skin on Hull 2.
Vermont has had 6 days in a row w/temps over 90 degrees; it's hotter than Hawaii!

Today when we started laminating it was 75 degrees, and when finished, it was 88.
But we pulled it off and the laminate looks really good.

The teaching method involves working together and w/pointers from the instructors; basically you build a boat.
It's exactly the same dynamic as working in any boat shop; the experienced guys tell the less experienced what to do, and then watch you, and then expect you to go for it - EVERYONE works.

We started with 3 students, and gained one more for the second class; really nice novice builders who are doing a great job.
The classes are only on Sundays, but Charlie continues building during the week with any willing student.

Hull 1 was built (not completed) before class one.

Class 1: Hull 2 stem, transom and bottom plank were set-up on the jig; carbon laminated onto foam tank panels

Between Class 1 and 2, Hull 2 was planked; took 20 hours total.

Class 2: (I missed this class) Hull 2 got epoxy fillets at the chines, exterior fiberglass sheathing, and first pass of fairing.

Between Class 2 and 3, Hull 2's rail was installed and Hull 3 was 75% planked.

Class 3: Hull 2 got it's interior carbon laminate, and then I'm not sure because I went back to work at my shop.

So we have our little fleet of three boats coming together quickly.

I'm slammed to finished some tasks in the shed, so the few tasks needed to get Hull 1 sailing have suffered a bit.
The dagger-board is built, and needs the leading edge bond and paint before we can use it as the mold for the trunk.

We've decided to use stock Laser "practice" masts for the spars, and we have a really nice "Byte" mainsail that looks about right.

I've designed a mast step and partners for Hull 1 that allows quite a lot adjustment, so we can figure out where the rig wants to be.
Once we decide that, we'll we'll build a simpler mast socket.

July 24 A.jpg
July 24 B.jpg

Jim Donovan

And I really want to get the 20 launched this year!
It's sitting there waiting . . . it's so close and it'll happen.

But this dinghy project is interesting and bringing some local sailors together which wouldn't happen without this program.
And developing a nice fleet of fast boats on this beautiful lake.

It's all good.