2015 Moth AUS & World Championships (Jan 6th to 16th)


Is there an official moth scales that everyone is standing on or is this the usual BS of I weight this...

Doubt many of the guys doing Olympic campaigns would let everyone know there real weight



Thanks for Hiroki's foil interview.

But I m not sure I understand the details:

It seems to me that the flap has a flexible or hindged ?? trailing edge, moveable in the middle and blocked at the tip, to minimize tip-vortex ?

Is is a correct understanding of this great interview ?





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But I m not sure I understand the details:

It seems to me that the flap has a flexible or hindged ?? trailing edge, moveable in the middle and blocked at the tip, to minimize tip-vortex ?

Is is a correct understanding of this great interview ?
That's my understanding of the interview. Others have tried or are using a similar type of flap (Phil S will know more but he's probably still buggered from yesterday). The interesting part is that his intention wasn't light air performance, but more speed.

Also, his comment that shaving even one layer of paint off the trailing edge to add more curve made a difference. Rohan Veal blogged in 2007 (I think) how a single coat of paint could make a big difference in performance. There will be lots of fairing of foils tonight.








EVERYONE has sailed a race with little to no wind, usually it's due to an ongoing bad forecast for the week or need to get heats in.. that isn't the case here

As somebody who wasn't there floating around I will say; the moth is at the cutting edge in every respect of sailing... low wind range should be part of this? (I'm a kiter and will admit we kind of cheat with our solution)

As an amateur I'm kind of surprised professionals would use social media to slag officials, regardless of its merrit.. AFL players get fined for this all the time!

Indeed, fantastic job on bringing "us" this coverage! I'm sat in my office in the wet and windy UK and this is a great diversion away from work, especially the "views" on the pier :)

Looking forward to the next few days action!



its either tiny boats or seasick-inducing blair witch project. up to you
I hear you. The zoom was ok close in at the finish end. That zoom was nice. The no zoom stuff gets old fast,1 teny tiny blured boat on a big screen. On the 42" lcd your low deff feed turned a small moth way out on the course there into a blured 1" image boring and bad. Just saying.

I've been on the water enough to enjoy even your raw un-vediopro handling of the camera.

Remember its the skilled crafts man not the tool that can get a great image.

Cleans got to many pokers in the fire.

Get a great camera man.

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SailBlueH2O said:
These Moths have potential other than racing.....world touring spectator/racing events as in surfing,skating,BMX,Motocross,snow board...etc

It is fascinating that the lowly Moth class is now the hotbed of foiling for the sailing masses....

The first time I ever planed in a sailboat was in a Moth on the Tamsui river in Tiawan late 50's....

Clean, you do need more cameras. desperately. you need a boat at the bottom and the top so you can have some semlbence to a consistent race coverage... Onboard camera and Kattack (or equivalent) so that we can all tell WTF is going on out there... love teh coverage but...

yay,,,it's sailorgirl!

...love the aussie'bogans! :wub:
way to out yourself...
mustang_1 that would increase our budget by at least 10 fold. doing what we can with what we got.
that would require more boats, resources and real tv equipment. we're doing this with a laptop, a camera, a boat and a 4g cell-tower router
Director/Commentator Alan Blockhead...it doesn't matter that this banner means you can't see the boats....

Typical clean otw bullshit...promise the world going in and then under perform during the event...blame the cameras, bandwidth, boat operators, the unpaid help, oh and the race com doesn't have cleans experience even tho he doesn't know who he is, and shouldn't have started that race..but swing the camera on me so that I,I, I can er, er, er tell everyone how much I know about this shit.....it really really doesn't matter that I can't tell you who finished 2,3 4 or 5th in the race because it's too hard to tell...

He doesn't know who is on which boat or when the race is starting, which is totally lame because knowing the top twenty guys is just part of a commentators job but he was too busy inhaling the free drinks and bullshitting with his bros...

He's the oldest dude in the place but believes anyone one day older than him doesn't belong in sailing...oh I forgot about David Loring but he's always been cool....

Apart from him, Ronnie and Petey are doing a good job, and check out the Moth site regatta vids...they are really good, but then they have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend ......but we will be up until midnight editing this shit....bla, bla....
@ rol:I must say, I have read your comment with a lot of amusement. You are right but I was not about to claim myself, as I am consuming this for total free. The only thing which really bothered me was the thing that he EVEN did not KNOW about the single digit numbers in the sails and to whom they belong. So easy to recognize those top ten sailors from the last worlds. Especially when Mr. C. acts, like he knows everyone… and his friend Bora must have educated him already long time ago, when Clean did his first Moth steps in Dubai or has it been Florida. But nevertheless, the Aussie girl is commentating really good. Good pronunciation and nothing about herself… as long into the Iive acts as I had the nervs to watch the shaking camera with the blinding logo at the bottom.

And please Mr. Clean, it should not be a problem to better position your camera boat. Have done this myself a lot and when you claim, you know shit about racing, you should be able to direct the driver into the right spots. Thanks for listening.

I am sure it will get better maybe already from RACE 2 onwards!

Smooth sailing!

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The coverage of this event is outstanding. For all you sea sick wankers due to wobble-cam – go and watch the other Bernie Ecclestone funded alternative channel ... yep... I hear crickets too...

Appreciate what you are getting – it IS unprecedented – and unless you want to pay for airfares from Michigan to Melbourne, charter camera cats, pro camera operators etc – seriously, go and STFU.

Clean and team - and to my great friend Nic, (who promised me a ride on the Taser a few years back now...) this is epic coverage.

However, no one can help the weather and the wind ...

What we are seeing is the very beginning of an ‘F1’ sailing fleet – finally.

Here we are, with almost all of the world’s top sailors, ‘duking’ it out in an extraordinary little boat with virtually no limitations to imagination and creativity in its production and execution. It is fucking brilliant! So awesome!

Just read down the list of sailors. Unbelievable. In both fleets. This is as pure ‘one-on-one’ as you can get as far as sailing skill goes. I would LOVE to know where blokes like Seve Jarvin are, or other world class sailors of very high performance boats are – because if you want to measure yourself as a sailor, this if the place to be. The Moth Worlds just took it all to another level (and thanks SA for bringing us along for the ride).

Can you just imagine the whole approach of guys like Outteridge, Jensen and Loick Peyron – all guys from the highest levels of our sport – sitting around with some of the hottest sail boat designers, sail makers and aeronautical thinkers/geniuses in the universe when it comes to sailing, sails and aerodynamics??

It’s nothing short of full ‘skunk works’ sailing – which has for decades been the domain of AC and ‘other out there’ projects like mega French multi projects, or Sail Rocket, or Comanche, or Rambler88, of dear old Syd (bless him with his rebuilt contraptions) - or people willing to take a fucking risk.

And here they are, on a beach in Melbourne, Australia – going for it. And the whole sailing world is psyched. Blokes (obviously the new helmsman...) from ETNZ are tearing it up in near stock boats(?), old school scows are powering along – what a remarkable event.

Amazing event unfolding. I just wish we had solid 15-20 for the next week. I would love to see all the guys at the highest level of our sport, just going for it. There is no hiding here.

This event is on a whole other level as a sailing spectator – and thanks, again to Clean and team for working your arses off to bring it to appreciative readers of this website.

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Well done SA for getting out there and doing what you can with what you've got. The on the water stuff is virtually impossible without live tracking to talk to. The compasison to 18footers is wrong becasue the moths are just going to fast to be kept up with, without permission/dispensation to drive your camera boat upwind of the leader....

Turning to the racing, can anyone give an explanation of how Peter Burling lapped everyone in a race? It's not like he is that light at 82kgs.

Ph yes, and well done Chris Draper and Rashley!!!


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Glad I don't sponsor Luka, Slingsby and Langford. I'm not there so have no idea if running the race was the right call or not, but publicly dissing the RO is bad form. There are ways of criticising the decision without throwing personal insults.



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I really appreciate the live coverage as well and when it goes blurry for a minute, I just take a break, check something else out and come back in a minute or two.

It seems like one of the bigger issues is the powerboat driving. A lot of spins putting the bow towards the action, blocking the camera.

Clean, maybe we can all put our money where our mouths are and chip in to help you give us the better coverage. A GoFundMe type account to raise funds for a handheld gimbal...etc. http://www.dji.com/product/ronin Maybe we could plan in advance well before the Japan worlds next year.
I would definitely chip in!


Matt D

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Nice work on the coverage. I certainly could not produce anywhere near as good of a product!

Has anyone thought about using drones mounted with GoPros? Bring a bunch of extra batteries, and launch them off a boat that is on the course.

I seem to remember seeing some footage of 16' skiffs that was taken that way.



If the class wants coverage like Robbie, Clean et al are going for, they might consider making it easier to do- smaller course size, specific venues (like with a media island/barge in the middle of things and at the marks, along with offering a bit of tech (like the excellent drone suggestion above) etc.- this is a tough assignment to cover given the traditionally obligatory lack of $$$. But, enthusiasm does trump good taste, at least so sez Flaubert, so Kudos guys!

The class may need to contemplate allowing multiple sets of foils onboard that are easily changed on the water (like without tools). I don't see why a skiff hull couldn't sport flying hydrofoils as well archimedes foils. Grandfather all the existing boats in, and go forward with new rules boats. More used boats out there immediately, hell- these things aren't cheap anyway. And if the urge to go all F1 on the Moth is serious, spending lots of dough will be part of the glamour. Be interesting to see some hull development too. If the class wants to go Tour le France (or Tow In World) with support boats, multiple hulls, rigs etc., wow! Glamour! Drug testing! Models after each heat! Corporate espionage! :) Teams! Morphing Foils!

This could go AC!

The temptation to not race in light airs must be an itch wanting to be scratched until blooooody right now.....

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Driver isn't doing a great job but the guys have a no win situation i.e. to have any chance of seeing the winner cross the line you have to be at the bottom of the course, but in order to provide sufficient room for an out of control moth at the bottom mark the guys are having to stay ~40m away from the first bottom mark and reach. The best position I think we have seen is in the vicinity of the upwind turning mark (i.e. from the reach to the beat); good because they can get relatively close and can also have a chance to see the relative upwind course angles of the boats, relative heal angles....and if anyone is choosing to tack etc.

Top end of the course allows you to get closer but again, you miss the finish, and you still have to leave space for an out of control boat.

Well done SA/(especially the volunteers), don't give up.

Re the racing, I was surprised that some of the pros complained on social media re the race committee running the light wind race. From all of the Americas Cup coverage these guys (Slingsby and Langford) came over amazingly/brilliantly well, so I think you have to take it as indicative of just how frustrated and committed to this event these guys are i.e. it just isn't another event/knock about/water-off-ducks back jolly for them.....and for that reason i sympathise with both sides, competitors and race committee. These guys are trying their best and a race in marginal wind is always going to controversial. That the light guys.....and pete burling, got it done, kind of (completely) vindicates the RO. Issue is more about what guidance/impression were people like Nathan (others) acting upon when they weren't on the course i.e. if you have been sitting on the beach all morning under postponement with little expectation of getting out, and then suddenly the RO waves everyone off, then that is a problem….A real pity if these outlier results decide the eventual winner.

SailBlueH2O said:
And please Mr. Clean, it should not be a problem to better position your camera boat. Have done this myself a lot and when you claim, you know shit about racing, you should be able to direct the driver into the right spots. Thanks for listening.

It was obvious that the owner /operator of the boat did not understand the first thing about sailboat racing....and was scared shitless about getting his ass in a jam.

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