2017 Chicago Mac... who's in, weather predictions etc?!?


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this is a stupid race....     

I'll be arriving via bus like the vagrant I am Friday evening.



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May not be a 1937 reprise. But it could well remind you of it. 

Lakes are lively this year.

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Ada, MI

Start is W-SW for about the first 12-16 hours.  Then we go through a transition zone and it is firm on the nose for the next 12-16 hours.  Then we go through another transition zone and we finish in SW under kite.  Reasonably fast race.  Most of the fleet finishing by 5:00 PM on Monday.



Glenn McCarthy

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If any of you peeps know of some spots that are open, we need some help. New boat just couldn't be prepared in time for the starting line.  My dad Gene is looking to do his 64th race, he is an asset, forgot more about racing than most people know, gets around the boat just fine.  I'm looking for a spot, 41st Mac, can do all position, and a McGyver keeping things together.  My daughter's 8th Mac, good trimmer.  Thanks in advance.  Call 630.592.5314.

I am a big proponent of "back in the day" better attendance, better racing, better sport, etc., however, anyone that believe that the Chicago to Mackinac attendance is down has not done their homework.  "Back in the day" the fleets were typically in the 250s to 275s in big years.  The fact that they are now consistently over 300 is a big change.  I know that the addition of the cruising fleet and the multihulls is part of it but give credit where credit is due.




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Me thinks it's pretty flat overall.  Some sections have seen a decline: t10s 36.7s, 40.7s.  j105s.  These used to be the cornerstone OD sections. 
To be fair, a lot of 105's and 109's seemed to have moved to 111's. 



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I'd like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a safe and fast race.   For the first time in 14 years I will not be doing that from the end of Navy Pier.  


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To be fair, a lot of 105's and 109's seemed to have moved to 111's. 
Actually the J105's have the largest start.  OD section. 

That tells me that we continually gather enough boats to have the largest OD section.  This year, we have,...on count, at least 3 boats that are not making their annual ride for extenuating circumstances.  One owner has some bottom problems another has a wedding.  Many excuses but  few have crawled over,...as owner's to the 111.   We might but that is a big ticket item.

Looks flat lined to me. 

This year I won't be hearing Bear lineman talking about nutrition when we motor by Navy Pier.   What a joke...


From the Helm

Going to bring my boots so it won't rain.

Going to bring my warmest insulation layer so it will be nice all night.

Planning food and water through Wednesday breakfast so we'll finish on a Sunday night.

You're welcome.

Results posted anywhere?  I didn't see them on site.
Solo Mac Results: http://www.solosailors.org/pdfs/mac17results.pdf

Very reachy race.  Fun one for my first one...

First solo one...lots of others.  Really enjoyed it.  Will be doing solo and crewed from now on.  Very different race.  Quite a bit more challenging.  Anyone else on here from the solo, thanks.  You guys were cool and super competitive too.  Fun S**T

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Parade is still going on.   Powers that be decided to use someone else.   As a volunteer you always serve at the committees discretion. 

Would have been nice to be told one way or the other.  Found out through a friend, last week that I was replaced.  

Edit; full disclosure I decided to resign CYC last January as the only time I was using the club was Mac weekend.  Regardless plenty of non members volunteer helping with the Mac.  

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