2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: The Race Committee has lodged a protest against Wild Oats XI


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I'm just interested in hearing Harburg's(sp?) reasoning as to how they were greatly disadvantaged by not being able to see them on AIS. Did no one one board hand him a pair of binoculars for the duration of the race and point him towards Oats?
Which brand of binoculars display in real time COG and SOG and from say 10 mile way and at night? Fuck me.

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Rules?  What rules? We don’t need no stinking rules. WOXi ignored them last year, and again this year.  Is Trump on that boat?


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Nope, no boat has notified WO of their intention to protest which must be done as soon as they became aware of the issue.  I am not talking about protest time limits
I suspect this is why BJ didn't protest - they knew it would be ruled invalid unless they could show that they had attempted to inform WOXI at earliest opportunity.  There are some good lessons in this incident.



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Will this decision now mean more protests?
In theory yes. Or it may mean competitors sort it between themselves for potential infringements and if no agreement someone has to lodge a protest. It is dumb thinking by simply having a cry on TV the RC or prosecutor is going to be the policeman in a self policed sport. If Harburg didn't know that he knows it now.



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PH was just on TV saying he did not report to the RC.  Maybe someone on the boat did it without the owner knowing.



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The SI says that a boat has to file a protest within 6 hours of finishing. Does this mean any boat not finished could still protest WOXI?



From the ABC news website:

But a five-member international jury ruled the protest was invalid because it needed to have been lodged by a competitor.

Russell Green, the chairman of the international jury, said the race committee's investigation and protest had arisen from a competitor in the race, and therefore a person with a conflict of interest within the meaning of the racing rules of sailing.

"For the protest to be valid under racing rules of sailing, a competitor with the information about a potential rule breach must lodge a protest," Mr Green said.

"The sport of sailing is a self-policing sport. These guys are out there, out of sight, out of land, we don't have referees.

"If there's a possible breach, then it's up to the competitors to bring a protest."


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Overall this is probably the best result. The rule on the RC's protests is there for a reason, and that reason is clear - don't expect the RC to do your work for you. BJ moaning and then having the RC protest had a bad smell to it, and that would not have gone away. But, as always, there are many lessons to be learnt. And some good has come from this.

  • The RC should be clear that if there are additions to the SI's, someone should be checking. The lack of any oversight on the AIS rule, despite the clear evidence of breaches, suggests the RC was asleep. Had they been looking, they would have seen all those boats whose AIS was inoperative, and should have bundled the lot up in a protest. Only going after WOXI after BJ's moaning was never going to sit well. Next year one would hope they will do some checking.
  • Next year, everyone will be pretty damned clear that the AIS stays on. 
  • MR will know that he ducked a bullet. WOXI was not exonerated, and if the protest had come from an RC that had observed the breach independently they would be looking at a very different outcome. Doesn't excuse his churlish arrogance. But that will probably never be cured.

The S2H ducked a bullet as well. 

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