2021 Sydney to Hobart

I guess the deck also saves weight over the original
And the carbon fiber: engine box, companion way stairs, rudder, tiller, toilet, coffee cup holders, etc. etc. Not to mention the total lack of furniture or anything non essential. There is not even any dust on board and since she is dry sailed, there is little moisture in any structure.

"Special" is the right word for her.

Whilst I'm here.... geeeeze the coverage is crap. I'd expect at least 2 tweets for every withdrawal: one for them initial report and another once details are known.  3 press releases a day just doesn't cut it these days!

It's easier to follow the race whilst out there... at least you get AIS updates in real time, radio chatter and accurate weather obs! 

Dislocated shoulder on a boat can't be much fun. Interesting that there have been a few retirements due to engine issues. 

Retirements: Moneypenny (broken forestay), Blink (torn main), Mako (damaged main), URM (damaged main), Hip-Nautic (damaged main), TSA Management (damaged main), No Limit (crew with dislocated shoulder), Minerva (damaged main), Mille Sabords (damaged main), Nautical Circle (rigging issues), White Noise (window damage), Zen (minor injury), Gweilo (damaged forestay), Eora (broken backstay), Ariel (damaged main), Oskana (broken forestay), Enchantress (broken forestay), Denali (hull damage), OzDesign Patrice Six (engine issues), Philosopher (engine issues), Huntress (TBC), Extasea (engine issues), Alive (hull damage) and Kayimai (electrical issues).
= just about optimized



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Plus jib luff tension……
We broke the point where the forestay meets the deck so it took the jib tack with it. The whole kit flapping to leeward of the main. Boom got pretty low and the runners got loose but the rig stayed up. Ran forward to tie on a halyard and headed home. 
that was a 70 foot 3/4 fractional rig.

Lucky for us, the conditions were very flat in around 10 knots of wind and it broke as I got an extra turn on the runner. The fitting had fractured over time and my final crank on the runner did it.


From Kempy on No Limits - not just dislocated, broken arm as well and getting operated on right now...


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