2022 cook it with fire and smoke.

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Love me some poppers!!!

All fire no smoke. Had a hankering for some jalapeño poppers, the local store only had the really big peppers. Which meant a little erector set action to get them to stand up. No heat but plenty of room for the cheese which was  50/50 mix of cream cheese and Jack. 

 Damn fine result if I do say so myself.

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we have a place around here that does stuffed  with crab stuffing and beer batter dipped and fried...  



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Father Day gift was a new Series 5 Pit Boss vertical pellet smoker. We started two pork butts at 7pm Saturday, 22 hours at 220° Final meat temp 196°. Uncovered except the last few hours when we wrapped in tinfoil to get the temp up from 181, kinda got worried.

Awesome crust, juicy and tender, very easy to pull apart for sandwiches. We invited over the neighbors and made black Manhattans with some oldish Jefferson bourbon, Averna and enjoyed the cool temps and breeze on the screen porch.

Very enjoyable & memorable evening. Only gained three or four pounds 😋😂


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So what kinda pox-ridden, mosquito-buggering, whoreson prick steals a bloke's grill?...Fuck me I hate a thief!!!...fuckin' mongrels took the whole kit and caboodle...hope it fell to bits in the back of whatever they ('cause it took more than one of them) somehow put it in...I'd had this BGE for 12 years...I know because I scored it for free from a contractor when I was still framing...the base was in 3 pieces and I "glued" it back together with refractory mortar...cart was custom built from a pair of 4" thick cypress doors from a remodel...it has been a faithful servant/part of the family...a man's gotta move on though so you Recteq Bullseye guys need to convince me I need to make a move away from the Kamado style cooker...Grabs Jr loves his Traeger but I have a vertical pellet smoker already for my long cooks, so really just looking for something for steaks/burgers/seafood/occasional butts...that $399 price point is reeeeeal attractive...

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Late to the party, but the buulzeye is the tits. Get the sear plates and it frigging gets to 800+ to sear whatever... Just did ribs last night for av's gm. Brilliant...


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The way the rotisserie is set up we chopped the head and had to trim hooves... in hindsight we could likely used a saw and split the head. Maybe next time...it was the first time we used the roti setup..


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Did a chunk of pork belly yesterday. Forgot to take a finished pic. Delicious. Used a basic rub with some Chinese 5 spice added. Cooked it on the kettle about 6.5 hours. Wrapped for the last 2. Temp of the grill was 235ish.




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Here is the start to tomorrows dinner. Pork ribs done with a dry rub and smoked for 6 hours. Next they are going into a vac bag and into the sous vide for 12 - 16 hours at 155°F. Also there are 4 chunks of dry rubbed and smoked pineapple for an upside down smoked pineapple cake for desert

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Anyone have any experience with the charbroil kamander. I just picked one up for $150. It’s never been used but it’s 4 years old. Just sat in this guys garage. I’m going to do shotgun shells on it tonight. Seasoning it at the moment.

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Couldn’t use the new kamado. Retained way too much heat from when I seasoned it. So these were done on the Weber.

Shotgun shells.




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So was the pasta al dente?
I just saw these a couple days ago, thinking about it.
They tasted good. But the pasta was a little under done. I will probably do them again. But par cook the pasta first. Maybe 3 minutes in boiling water.

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