2022 cook it with fire and smoke.


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Each culture has its own idea of good food. Though for an outsider it can be difficult to determine where culinary masterpiece ends, and war crime begins…
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that looks pretty dry...
That looks too dry to be a masterpiece. And it’s not a war crime. So is there a third option?

bbq sauce, lots of it... you serve that in texas and they will consider it a war crime... or you're some yankee..


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is it a reverse smoker, plates that run under the grills that sends the smoke to one end and then back? not sure why there's a vent on the fire box, a quick grill ?
Yes, reverse smoker. I haven't figured out the stack on the firebox yet, I think it's to clear dirty smoke before it hits the cooking chamber.

If you zoom into the builders label you'll see it's from a fire fighting equipment company