2022 Race To The Straits- Only STYC members may enter!

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The ever popular Race To The Straits is a two day singlehanded/doublehanded race from Seattle to Port Townsend, party and return on Sunday. After a boring two days of buoy racing last year around Seattle because of the pandemic, the race to Port Townsend has once again been established.The race limit has been 125 boats. But this year because of construction, the limit of boats has been reduced to 65 boats in two categories dependent on size. But wait, there is more! The 65 entries will only be open to Sloop Tavern Yacht Club (the sponsoring club)members. Any waiting list will only be filled from STYC members. Only if they cannot fill the entry list with members will they open it up to non members.

So if you are like me and look forward to this event and are not STYC members, you might consider changing your plans.

Hey Sloopers!

Fantastic news.  The 21st annual Race to the Straits is happening this year!  After a 2 year hiatus....we are back.  Yes, it will be 2 full days of racing to Port Townsend and back with an awesome halfway party in between.  It's all happening! 

Save the dates....May 7th and 8th.

We have some exciting events taking place this year as well as some necessary changes.  A few tidbits include:

  •  Skipper meeting hosted at Bad Jimmy's in Ballard. 
  •  Halfway Party at the fabulous Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend. 
  •  Halfway Party dinner catered by Mystery Bay Seafood w/  beer and wine. 
  •  T-Shirts and other merchandise will be available for purchasing. 
  •  Halfway trophies +  a haul out for the first to cross the finish on Saturday. 
  •  Final trophies awarded at the Sloop Tavern in Ballard.

This year, however, we had to make some changes to the size of the event due to major space constraints at Point Hudson Marina.  Many of you know that the marina will be doing an extensive breakwater re-build on the north side of the entrance starting late summer.  Due to that construction, they had to rearrange the marina to make way for additional commercial traffic as well as the local vendors.  This year we will have less than half of the space we normally would at the marina.  In true STYC spirit, we had to address these constraints with the goal of still getting butts in boats and providing an amazing race for those that want to join.  Therefore, we will be offering race registrations for this event in 2 categories with the following stipulations…..open to any STYC member only:

A.  50 registration spots will be opened up for STYC members only with boats equal to or less than 35' total LOA.  We have a goal to try to secure spots for 55 boats here so a waitlist of 5 boats in this category will be created after the first 50 sign-ups.  Registration for this category will be $150 and will include 2 full days of racing + admission to the mandatory skipper party at Bad Jimmy's (yes there will be beer) + Halfway Party admission + moorage at Pt Hudson marina or 1 of the public docks that are included within the reservation that STYC has with the Port.

B.  10 registration spots will be opened up for STYC members only with boats greater than 35' total LOA. There may be a possible waitlist for more registrations.  Registration for this category will be $120 and will include 2 full days of racing + admission to the mandatory skipper party at Bad Jimmy's (yes there will be beer) + halfway party admission.  Registrants will need to arrange for their own moorage outside of Pt. Hudson marina and the public docks.  Boat Haven or anchoring out would be the general solution here.

We will be looking at having around 65 total boats participating this year, and we wanted to give our membership the first opportunity to register.  We look to have registrations available starting April 8th.  Changes will be made to the NOR's addressing the moorage so stay tuned for that.  PLEASE REVIEW THE UPDATED NOR'S ON APRIL 8th PRIOR TO REGISTERING

We look forward to another amazing year of racing, and your board members are hard at work addressing challenges such as these to help ensure a positive experience for all.  Feel free to call or email me with any questions regarding this event.  As always, we are seeking volunteers in both Seattle and Port Townsend to help make this event successful.  We cannot do this without you!!


Shannon Renner, Past Commodore

2022 RTTS Event Coordinator

Register below.  Registration will open to all STYC members on Friday April 8th

Register Here on 4-8-2022



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Yeah I was excited for the real deal as well. They just sent out an email saying Friday at 6pm registration will open to everyone if there are spots.  I may try.  As for joining STYC, I live in Olympia so that’s a bit far.  If I could do a few more of their events no problem.  Well I hope it turns into a great event for the lucky ones.  It is one of the best.  I wish we had an option to participate with the stipulation that we get our own moorage at boat haven.  

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Or better yet, join the STYC and participate while also support them via their very reasonable membership fee.


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A ridiculously reasonable membership fee.

If it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't own and race my own boat.

I'm thinking of joining this year, save me a spot. I have to first see if a crew member is crazy enough to do it with me on my lil sled this year.



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We just paid for the membership and signed up.  For a 2 day regatta with moorage and a dinner, it still seems like a good deal, particularly for the opportunity to sail against the largest doublehanded fleet in the Salish Sea.  

Can't believe I'm the first to chime in, so here goes.

TLDR: Epic Saturday.  The pictures from Jan do not show how big it really was.  Lots of chatter on the dock Saturday afternoon about the conditions between Marrowstone and finish line - big ebb against a westerly breeze stacked up the rollers into ocean level stuff - I'm not the only one to say that was the biggest stuff seen (inside) puget sound.  Light Sunday against the current and only a few boats finished.  Had to be early and know the way, or be determined and finish halfway.  Late breeze filled some hopes and kudos to the lone full course finisher.

Full report, started Saturday on a nice southerly 5-10 which built and stayed 10+ all the way to Pt. No Point.  Great spin run as an earlier starter, typical run across to the west side of the sound on an ebb and keep the pole back running deep.  Only two gybes, the last after rounding Pt. No Point where we ran into the dark clouds and rain.  Big boom of thunder and luckily it all stayed North.  Dropped the kite early and hoisted the small #2 jib (my favorite sail of the last few years dialing in the doublehanded mode).  Pell Mell caught up to us here by keeping their kite up longer.  Breeze shifted to NE and then the rain came down.  and more rain.  and hail.  If there was a Seattle meme for rain, this beat it.  Oh, and seeing the aircraft carrier coming out of the rain was surreal.  Good thing about the course change...

Jib reach across from there to FWB.  Great to see Jan at the buoy getting ready for the fleet to storm by.  Then harden up and sailed upwind on a NE to Easterly'ly until about halfway across to the bottom of Marrowstone and had a great duel with Pell Mell the whole way.  They eeked out ahead once it got above 15 and they had changed down to the #3.  We ended up a lane outside and had to tack into Marrowstone once it got too lumpy.  Pro move of the day was tucking in the reef to the main before we rounded Marrowstone and off to the races we went.  Held Port tack out into the middle into some of the biggest shit I've ever been on in a 24' boat.  Steady 20-25 and gusting 30 with waves 6-10'.  Once we could lay it, one long tack from there in to just below Pt. Hudson, then a short up and in across the finish.  Gave up one more boat in our class by waiting too long to reef and being a lane too far outside and good learning lesson for the next time.

Sunday was nicer than expected for the first couple hours.  Northerly filled in just before the start, and I was a little slow getting the kite up, and then it was one of the nicest parades I can remember.  Everyone held kites on Port gybe around the corner at Marrowstone light and down the side of the channel, staying out of current as the ebb built.  Things started getting weird and light as we got towards the South end of the island as breeze went very East.  When the breeze glassed off, we were about four miles from FWB with pole on the forestay holding a tight spin reach.  And then we went backwards.  A mile.  Along with everyone else.

Oh, and while we were all sneaking down the West side of Admiralty Inlet... here comes the CG and Navy escort plowing the way for an outbound Ohio class submarine on the east side.  Good job STYC on the course change!!! Sometimes its better to be lucky.  Really glad we were all not trying to get to Double Bluff when the breeze cut out.

Some time later, we escaped to the West on a light southerly and scooted around the bottom of Marrowstone pedaling hard into the current for eventual relief.  Held a southerly breeze and upwind angles while we had a beautiful great circle cruise past the entrance to Port Ludlow, Mats Mats, and all the way across the entrance to Hood Canal to the halfway point.  Checked in with a couple fellow boats on the halfway interpretation, and then motored on back to Shilshole.

Lots of satisfaction to show what a moore can do in all extremes of conditions and very happy with how well we handled the breeze Sat on such a small boat.  Even more excited to crew for a new owner and help get them their first big win of many to come.



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It was a bit sporty at the end of Saturday.  This was taken before the Marrowstone Lighthouse, so the conditions were bumpier not long after.  Super cool to have Jan out taking photos in that stuff.



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