2023 Sydney to Hobart


under the southern cross I stand ...
The yachting community hates any kind of examination.

People should be free to fill out their forms without interference or auditing. That's how it has been an fuck those who expect accountability.


Can i get an speculative ruling on carbonfibre toerail oarlocks, A 6person nightshift crew of amphetamine supplement chugging rowers and 6very long oar shaped carbonfibre emergency rudders?
Asking for a friend, Cheers.


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So here is what I think will happen

Herman will be 3 out of the heads after dropping a f bomb's and will do 2 x 720's just to make shore they are ok after the crew brown eyed WO at the start line. After all they were just trying to put MR in the spot light and It's a skiff thing.

MR will order in more extra strength hair gel and will also order in some knew hair colour and have a new hair dryer fitted in his state room.

Comanche will end up with line honours and BlackJack 2 nd, Scallywag 3 ed then WO.

Sam will get his 3 win on handicap only to have it taken away again Because he unset someone at the CYC again. Anarchist Dave will make shore it happens this way after all he has a axe to grind for someone.

Whorro will find a pod of sail fish again and this time he will get some more air time for his sponsor.

Hoppy will struggle to even get out of Morton Bay and will miss the start and not even the dark knight will be able to save him. Better try again next year in the 2024 race Hoppy.

As far as breeze goes ? It will be 15 knows and out of my ass at 20 knots

What more do we need to know



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Maybe Wharro and his team will put in an offer on WO11. After all it has heaps of second hand sails that would keep Wharro sailing for a few more years before he needs to put in his own $$$$$ to run the boat.

No news yet on the possible sale of Oats X1..? I really don't think Wharro has the cash to buy it anyhow. The Botin 80 was almost a giveaway and he still bought that with others, not sure how much of his own cash went into that? Having said that he might have a choice, Black Jack or Oats XI ? Scallywag has had a refit and should do Hobart this year apparently and Comanche has one more year on the charter I suspect.? Could you imagine Wharro and Ricco on the same boat.!