26ft trimaran QLD

Thank you. Every owner leaves there signature on a boat good and bad . The original designer builder did a great job then I’d say the second owner showed her some love .Then came the White House paint Ugly oversize extra large forward facing hatch guy  .Lucky for me there was someone before me that  knew what they were doing and striped her back to the hi build so I get the rewarding job of giving her a 2nd birthday 25 ish years after her first . 

Still got sail Tracks main traveler and about 100 saddles 200 screws 200 washers and nuts to go 



Rudder system gives infinite adjustments. The downhaul runs to a jammer with the lower 1/3 drilled out ...Jim brown style!!!! So SHOULD release if grounded ore hits anything . The negative of this system is the tiller moves up and down as well making auto pilot mounts a bit tricky. 

Ps I’m still polishing stainless ;-0




I assume the wire from front beams to the bow are purely for the net..... waterstays tension from the outboard beam end to waterline is very important and needs to help suppport / stop the beams from flexing up when loaded.... every design would be different on settings but should be researched

Is the rig rotating...?
So unless anyone pulls me up I’m going old school on the water stays 30x5 mm 316 stainless flat bar not adjustable  10 mm ss bolt each end bolting flat to flat ..Set up without the rig tensioned and with the amas flying ——- Buchaneer style 

I would absolutely not add that kind of weight when there is such modern good fiber solutions... It will probably even be cheaper than SS

At worst die form SS
I completely understand what your saying and have struggled with exactly that and this is the only place old schools used at a total of 2 kg each at as low as weight  gets ....about the same as wire as I’m eliminating 1x turnbuckle 2 x shackles . All other rigging will be Synthetic and a huge weight saving overall . Boat will not be trialed regularly  and spending extended periods of time in the water being used positives of this system are no maintenance no retensioning water stays regarding creep no initial setting in of stretch .Much stiffer as it supports in both directions not just one. 

Thanks for your input you are correct Modern is generally better but sometimes so is the KISS theory .... Anyway Christmas is getting closer and she’s not even painted yet need to pull my finger out !!! At least all the Fittings are clean and ready to go back on



Super Anarchist
Imho water stays in SS like you are considering only work in tension. If they take any load in compression they will fail and have many times. Big dynex is my favourite now, in my F31r reno I have replaced every wire on boat except diamonds and forestay. Big gains, and all it takes is an occasional lashing check. Bobstay, whiskers, float diagonal bracing, net edges, shrouds, shroud tensioners....

Looking forward to seeing your project at Bay to Bay.

Peter h