26ft trimaran QLD

Today’s job is interior cabin paint. Won’t take long not much if it ... lol 



I like that boat, Dave. Looks like it was well built too. I've done a lot of composite boatbuilding, but my next one will be plywood. I love plywood!
 Plywood definitely has its place . This boat has lots of flat panel so it would  be  fast to build build with old school plywood construction methods .the main thing I noticed is very few  fittings And the ones it does have have  been well bedded down and sealed.I found zero rot near any fitting on this boat , There was a soft spot in one of the beam sockets and the coinciding beam end .Very easy to repair. She is 30 years old And I’m amazed how light she is . There’s one down South Australia 18 ft partly finished by the same builder it’s on gumtree you probably get it very cheap 



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Love following your posts Dave with photos. Certainly an interesting tri - i look forward to seeing it finished if you make the Bay2Bay this year

It must feel very gratifying about now. 

Yes it does..... thanks - it’s a good example of what can be done  on a budget. most parts were reused .nor glass products were used throughout .surprisingly cheap refit .It’s not finished but really does not have much left to do -small outboard $500 bucks The rigging will be new = Dyneema $300 and some  time .I did get the boat in a strip down condition Unfinished project so that certainly saves a lot of time and gave me pretty much the enjoyable job .