26ft trimaran QLD



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Just upload them to postimages.org or your favorite web image host and paste the link into a post here. The forum software will display the image. No size limit too.

 Hey guys just putting it out there I’m doing a  Coxswains nc1 course in Newcastle January 30 to February 3 if anyone can help me with accommodation in that period would be awesome the course is right near the Newcastle cruising yacht club happy to flick some $ ore do some work  I can stay on someone’s boat or couch surf swag in the backyard anything really don’t have a lot of $ Because I own a boat You all know how that is

Latest update very successful splash yesterday she sales well. balanced up nicely .And the best news is there’s another week of light winds to play with her in sandy Straits more photos to come



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Great looking boat, with a KISS approach!

But looking at the pictures, I wonder if you are from "down under" as your signature suggests, or rather from "on the side over"...

My neck hurts....  :D

So very successful launch and sail .....  water line well below that anti-foul line With the amas it’s only just kissing the water . Floats in 20 cm of water so that’s awesome.  

 only thing I’m considering changing Would be the cockpit sides drop them down to the beam And create 2  long  seats  as the cockpit feels a bit pokey and you always climbing over something to get in or out