26ft trimaran QLD

Nice longboard on the foredeck!
Ha ha yer that’s the Daily transport, town car you might say !!!! 

Throw it in the back of the taxi with the groceries and the boat parts

Easy to store easy to transport on the tender .Had it for years it’s outlasted 2 sailboats And a few cars and motorbikes !!!

And Quite a few girlfriends !!!!!! 

Very good looking boat.  While you're at it you might really learn to appreciate some kind of backrest for your new seats.  Being able to lean back is great and they'll keep you dryer and safer too.
Yeah thanks she looks the part looks fast standing still and sails  really well 14 knots Up hill and off the wind is just ridiculous... she’s flat bottom So once you get it up out of the water and fully planing the numbers shoot up rapidly .  

Yeah thanks for your feedback but I won’t be closing it in the whole idea was to open it up there is still a solar panel mount to go at the back and a couple of plastic chairs once I picked the exact location for them 

G’day people I hope you’re all well.

I Just checked  the floats to see if there was any water in them .. And the opposite one of them actually had about 5PSI of pressure !!!! 
So after 30 years the wooden boat is not only watertight it’s airtight that’s just amazing !!! 

Righto people after nearly 6 months living on board full-time and many  improvements Including but not limited to new rudder  assembly. Prodder   , Solar , batteries, Auto pilot ,  fridge  ect ect !!!! 

I’ve just pulled her out of the water And maybe interested in selling !!!! 

This boat is seriously fast in the right hands Absolutely perfect bay to bay weapon !!!!! 

$15 k Not negotiable  !!!! 



Currently stored at Harvey Bay marina on the hard on  registered road trailer . The boat is assembled and ready to  launch and sail in five minutes . 

Reason for selling is I’ve just started work on offshore boat and don’t like owning them if they’re not gonna be used they go to shit

Ph 0432883273 

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G’day Everyone WAYMAKER  is for sale or swap . 

I would really like to swap her for something like H28 In glass so yeah I will look at swapping For fibreglass mono With headroom and a diesel something suit liveaboard


Spread the word please people $13,000 ONO will get you this  wonderful  boat And her road registered trailer and whatever else I can find to go with her asymmetrical kite ect  !!!! 

I found another boat and yes I’m going to the dark side 31 foot mono so I need to sell this one


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