2nd Annual Spike Memorial Sail by/CA gathering


Puget Sound
I think it's time to start thinking about the Sailby/Gathering again so let's get our Spike burgees ready for the sail up to the Maestro's. I'm thinking June 15th since it's the same weekend as last year but depending on what others have going on that could be changed.

I'd love to see everyone from last year and maybe a few that didn't make it as well. Of course I'd like to see a couple more boats actually sail to the gathering this time but I know a few of the gang came a long way and it just isn't practical. No Perrywinkle to mark the spot this time but I think we will all still be able to find Bob's place.

Anyway just thought I'd start the thread, and Bob has given me the go ahead, so if you like sailboats, barbeque, and pretty darn good guitar playing it'll be a great time. Same rules as last time I think, which is to say bring something to throw on the barbie and something else to share etc.

It was really a fine group of people last year and a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing you all again!



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Hi Thorvald. That was a good gathering last year. Sadly I won't be able to make that date as I'll be doing the Van Isle 360 Race which runs from June 8 to 22nd



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Thorvald, great idea and thanks for getting it underway. I will be away for two weeks racing in the Van Isle 360 at that time, too. The 16'th is also Father's Day which may deter some. June 29 for totally selfish reasons would rock! : ) Whatever works for the majority. It would be awesome if it was a weekend when Ish and his better half could make it.

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It usually overcast the week before the fourth of July...however it's usually sunny after the fourth on through July...just saying....



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Friday Harbor, WA
Now that VALIS is so much closer, it would be awesome to see them make it, too! B)
Maybe we could meet up with them in Friday Harbor and we could make a race of it. I'll give Paul a 5-minute head start out of the sheer goodness of my heart.
I think I'm going to need a bigger head start. Of course, if I'm not winning, then by definition I'm not really racing. Anyway, it would be fun to hang out with you folks, and June / July would probably work for me.


Bob Perry

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I can be pleasant when I'm eating. And your BBQ'ed bacon was to die for. I'll make sure I have more bacon this year. I do have a new BBQ thanks to Max.


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