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How can American do so cosistantly well in the 505 and we do so poorly in the Olympics?
We clearly need the 505 in the Olympics even though the class has avoided it.  The 470 is old news in my opinion anyways.

I've enjoyed following the Worlds and getting excited about my boat again.  Waterat twin pole launcher and twin poles on the way right now!

How can American do so cosistantly well in the 505 and we do so poorly in the Olympics?
Well first of all is that 505's have steered well clear of the all bullshit the Olympics bring to a class. These are not the people you want in your class, they come for a few years and then leave. There is only one place at the Olympic trials, first, and everyone else is last. Not so good for class development / growth. Ask the Etchells guys.

Second is that only Left Coast Americans do well consistently at the worlds, and that is because guys like Dennis Surtees, Jon Andron, Howard Hamlin, Mike Martin, Mike Holt and a ton of the best sailors you have never heard of, practice, develop and share all the knowledge they have gained in the last 40 years with each other. It's a community effort that lasts, because they respect each other.

"Overbearing in Victory, Surly in Defeat" Proud of all you guys!


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Howard Hamlin just completed his 40th world championship regatta, finishing 5th with Jeff Nelson.

More than just the 505 class owes a great deal of gratitude to Howard.

In 2000 at a Saint Francis regatta, Howard asked us to tape the Team Tuesday tuning matrix in our boat, then calibrated our rig the next morning. He does that regardless of which local fleet or boat someone is in.

Thank you Howie!



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Well done to the boys and all who competed,


I wish I could of had my 505 over there. The last time my Boat was out on the water was when I sailed a Lake Eyre Yacht Club Regatta 2 years ago and the kids Sailing has slowed my Sailing down. How does it go “if it wasn’t for those pesky kids, I would of been sailing myself”. The life of a parent. 

The 505 is one of the best boats I’ve ever sailed and I’m glad that it’s not a Olympic Class as that would just kill the class if World Sailing had anything to do with the class. 

Its amazing to see that when the 505’s have worlds on matter were they are that they always get so many entries and not just from the top of the fleet. This is one class that normally encourages all sailors and even the top crews share information and setups with not only the new crew to the class as well as their main competitors. You don’t see that in a lot of classes 


Lots of photos:



My favourite, 13 year old skipper Chris Gregg with Dense505crew rounding the first top mark of race 4 in 6th, just in front of Mike Holt/Carl Smit (in the pic) and Mike Martin/Adam Lowry


More at:


but note that the pre-worlds did not include the Aus championships, the Aussie results in the worlds were used for the Aus championships.



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