6.6 Quake South Gulf of California, Mexico

Charlie Foxtrot

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Bad news in Baja: a 6.6 shaker ~25 miles from Topolobampo, Baja California, Mexico. Epicenter was offshore in the Gulf of California.


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El Mariachi

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For the record, Topo is on the mainland side, right near Los Mochis.....

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Plus it's too humid down there for your hair to hold any other shape but straight....
I have No Problem w being Straight .........NTTIATWWT

A Seniornomy Wave heading North would Raise Hell across Imperial Valley

I-8 IS -20' Below Sea Level so a Huge Wave would just keep heading to the Salter Sea

Might bring New Fish along with it

Just might Fuck the Colorado River current routing

And our Water Supply

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