65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space


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I suspect that in the future, it is far cheaper and more humane to send the mentally ill back in time.

Their mistake was to have not checked for the 800lbs of screws hidden in his socks. The butterfly effect. it starts now.

I see that the waste containment tank is dual purpose and is located in one of the 9 bedrooms.




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A photo taken when the tin foil had been removed ? That green hose is the hookah pipe. The red bag is stuffed with that most trendy of mattress stuffings, that which is often mistaken for tomato plants...

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Ok, so I did forget all the non-wooden bits. Let's ballpark that real quick. Gas range - $1000. Other kitchen stuff, cabinets, etc, $1500. Wire stays, $500, rope $500, "sails" $no idea, "masts" $200? Outboards $500? "Tanks", $500? Xbox360 and games $300, TV, $200, grill, $100, windows (yet to be installed) $500, patio door $200, veranda roof thing, $100. Radar $500, diamond plate $50. Rudders, wheels, pedastals, etc, etc. Yeah, it goes on and on.

Maybe an extra $5k or so? So maybe $30k total?

You can get a decent actual bluewater boat for $30k, and it won't take 2 or 3 years of two people working full time. If he actually worked instead, he and his son could probably have scraped together $100k and bought something pretty darn nice. My parents happen to have a Kelly Peterson 44 in great shape for sale for a little over $100k. You could drop it off a 4 story building and it would be fine. This boat won't make it off a 4 foot wave. What a waste of time and money.
I doubt it will make it off a 2 foot wave...




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As I recall there were three designers involved with STORMY. Van de Stadt, Illingworth and Primrose and Laurent Giles. Each office had their own area of responsibilities. The Hull lines were by Van de Stadt.

Bill Stevens aka Da Man used to crew on it.
Yes, indeed. I stand corrected. it was a 3-way design effort. Stormvogel was the single solitary reason for me aspiring to big-boat sailing. As a youngster hanging on downwind in a windy early 60s Cowes Week (in a Dragon I think), I heard a huge roaring noise behind, and Stormvogel's huge red kite propelled her past us with six-foot bow wave. The sailnumber H700 was stuck in my astonished mind for almost ever after.

And I did get to sail her eventually in the late 70s in the Caribbean. Superb yacht.

And now back to your regular reality (?) show.....
If I remember VDS was credited with the lines, Illingworth the rig and Giles I don't remember (maybe scantlings?)Ah found this:

Nice little write up here:


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Certified Sky Pilot? He's certainly lost in the clouds.
high as a kite


come on, sink you piece of junk, I've got better things to do than check back on this forum every 10 mins!!!

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James Lane walks on the aft deck of the 65-foot catamaran he and his son are building, with the help of some friends, at the Loch Lomond Marina in San Rafael, Calif. on Friday, Sept. 9, 2011. (IJ photo/Alan Dep) Alan Dep

A giant yacht that a father and son are building at Loch Lomond Marina in San Rafael has captivated the neighborhood's imagination, with shoppers at nearby Andy's Local Market keeping daily tabs on its progress.

James Lane, 50, and his 26-year-old son, Michael Johnson, began working on the 65- by 32-foot catamaran in June 2010 in Butte County, but moved the partially constructed vessel to Loch Lomond this spring.

"We should put it in the water in about 30 days," Lane said, as he showed off the nine-bedroom, three-bathroom 3,200-square-foot boat on a recent afternoon.

The yacht, which Lane will call the Flying Hawaiian, features fiberglass over wood construction and boasts two kitchens and a gym. It weighs about five tons and has so far required 700 to 800 pounds of screws, Lane said. Sixty-five-foot catamarans typically sell for anywhere from $500,000 to $2 million or more.

"This boat is going to be two times the size of most people's homes," said Lane, a master craftsman who has never built a boat before. "I spent three years on the design of this. I've looked at thousands and thousands of yachts."
Come late October, Lane plans to move aboard the Flying Hawaiian with his mother, Johnson, several other people and one pet Chihuahua and travel to Mexico, Hawaii, the Samoan islands and New Zealand.

He doesn't plan on coming back.

"We're going to island hop until we get bored," Lane said. "We've got plenty of music and plenty of fishing gear and plenty of time."The group hopes to make money by renting out the yacht or taking tourists out on the water. A small generator will power the boat's "gel cell" batteries each day, he said, adding, "It's about the freedom and the lifestyle -- it's fresh food and good living."

Yachts can be quite large -- with some measuring 110 feet in length -- but locals have been particularly interested in Lane's boat because it's unusual to see such a large vessel being constructed in San Rafael, Loch Lomond Harbor Master Pat Lopez said.

"People are curious, just very curious to see it because it's so unique," Lopez said. "It's something that we don't really see around here too often."
About half the customers at Andy's have been talking about the plus-size vessel, providing daily updates on Lane's progress, said Patrick Crowley, the store's general manager.

"If they don't ask about it, what it is, they talk about the size of it," Crowley said. "It's a conversation piece, and everybody wants to see it get launched because that's awfully big to get moved to the dock.

"These guys, they're just going to go sail around," he added. "It's kind of exciting in a way."

Resident Jim La Fleur, who lives a couple of blocks away, said he and his family were stunned to see the progress Lane and Johnson had made on the boat when they returned from a month-plus trip in August.

"I haven't seen the animals coming two by two, but it won't surprise me," said La Fleur, 44.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing if it works," La Fleur added. "I admire his optimism and his drive to do something like that."

Meanwhile, Lane said he's busy preparing the boat for water and would welcome any spare parts residents want to donate. The Flying Hawaiian won't look quite so enormous once it leaves the marina, he added.

"When you're a little speck out in the water, it doesn't feel that big."



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If I were the wife of a local coast guard rescue boat sailor, I'd do the proper thing and torch this POS before it kills a first responder trying to save this idiot...


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Here are the lads.....make sure ya'll give generously now!


I think we should help the boys out. Find a sponsor for them. Any suggestions on what products they can be the spokesmen for?

I am thinkin......



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Look, I enjoy making fun of idiots as much as the next heartless prick, but if I were the God of All Thread Content, what follows is a list of stuff I'd rather not see here:

  • Jokes which serve no purpose beyond promoting the jokester's joke-making prowess.
  • Opinions about construction from people who don't know anything about construction.
  • Pretty much any post which begins with, "It seems to me..."
  • Snobby comments about HotRod's and his entourage's cultural inclinations, grooming, fashion habits, etc.
  • Space-filling drivel about nothing.

What I AM interested in is:

  • Actual progress and pictures of the boat.
  • Factual discussion on construction and finishing methods.

I don't expect anything to change; I'm just one more idiot poster, posting crap about nothing to do with this misguided expenditure of plywood and enthusiasm.

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