65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space


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HR you have to realize that everyones intrigue and issue with the FH is that when it breaks apart and someone dies, you'll be on the news representing SAILING. Which is a fucking joke for all of us......

People really want to help you to prevent this, but you need to be more specific than just asking for free $5000+ engines. If you need help reinforcing, refiberglassing, etc you're talking to some experts right now.

Ignore the haters, we just dont want anyone giving a bad impression of the safety of sailing to the nation and media...
Thanks we draw less than two and there r a lot of hazards here.phone poles ect.
While the bay has a healthy layer of muck/mud, there are rocks aplenty that are happy to damage the hull, as well as props. IN SF Bay the main benefit to shoal draft will be in staying out o the shipping channels and the big, clumsy ships that are confined in them. To use landlubber terms, you don't have right of way over a ship that has to stay in the channel. It can take them a mile or more to stop, and when they have the are out of control, possibly more dangerous than they were. If you hear 5 blasts on a ships horn, it means what are you doing, get outta da way.

IN the bay ships and CG traffic are on VHF ch 14, bridge to bridge is 13, don't hesitate to talk before trouble arises



loch lomond
The CG broke our windless and anchor.
I filed a FOIA request with the CG on the incident. It will be several weeks but we'll find out what really happened.

One thing I know for damn sure even before we get the paperwork, if the CG "broke" something it was either (1) because whatever "broke" was not properly constructed to begin with or (2) it was necessary to protect life and/or property. My bet, the former.


My mistake about the engines HR, check craigslist, some great deals can be found there also.

What sort of safety gear do you have?

Also, as a naval architect I am concerned about structure connecting the deck to the hulls.. this is a difficult part to get right. If you want some free advice post some pictures of it all. Otherwise just keep whining about this website..... as if that's going to do anything



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Make a big deal out of nothing then get mad because it still not a big deal you. don't have a part in it at all ,beside drama queen. Wow charlie brown its ok to b a on the porch kind of dog .no harm no foul. We come we go its all good.i did run across a person or two on this site that is decent.in spite of the rest.HR
Correct me if I'm wrong but are you saying that the wildly substandard construction of this thing is "no big deal" ?


I don't think offering the advice to have this thing surveyed is going to get through to you, so I think a slight change in direction might be in order. Mind you, any efforts to shake up whatever blockage is preventing you from seeing the rational behind the advice is meant in the best possible terms.

You might want to read the following and evaluate your own actions, might be there is something going on here that you might want to recognize

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HR you have to realize that everyones intrigue and issue with the FH is that when it breaks apart and someone dies, you'll be on the news representing SAILING. Which is a fucking joke for all of us......

Our sport is supposed to self regulate, which works fine until people like El Roderino come along who won't listen to anyone. Now we're all going to look daft, and HR is going to end up on the news very plausibly blaming someone else. That's what really sucks about this whole thing.



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HR, you need more than 2x20hp to move the boat.

Outboards don't make good torque low down in the rev range, and with the props available for outboards, you won't make enough revs for peak torque without the prop spinning and cavitating. They're built for planing boats once you get over about 10hp.

Your best bet is to start looking at a pair of 25hp bigfoots as the absolute minimum, with the smallest pitch props you can get. That MIGHT be enough to give you steerage.

Let me put it this way. My 26' won't make 3 knots against a 10 knot wind with the 8hp outboard from the dingy pushing her, and I can barely steer her.
I was going to suggest the very same thing, and I'm even one of those engineer guys at Mercury! 15's will die a quick and painful death while accomplishing very little on the FH.


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Nah, it's the Rod and the Viking all right, verified by Spoffo.

I'm thinking it's all over but the shouting by Thursday unless he can make it to the Delta.

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im built a yacht with my son.u may or may not understand what that means.
Hot Rod, although I'm another who honestly believes that this build is an unfortunate train wreck waiting to happen and hoping only that no one is hurt in the happening, (speaking as someone with sufficient coastal and open ocean sailing experience to have a sound opinion on it), if and when it does all go to shit, don't ever forget this comment of yours above!!!

It's something that many of us will never experience no matter what financial advantage or knowledge we might have!


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I get that the SA posters eat their young, freely put agent orange on anything that sprouts, readily digest and poop the old and infirm, but if you want to get some good oil on the "real sailors of Flyin' Hawaiian" why not be a less, um, what's the word? Direct. Yes, d-i-r-e-c-t.

Let the master of his vessel report in and give him thoughtful and concise advice.

Why you ask?

Because it clearly appears that he has abducted snaggs and is picking up his dialect.