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Looks like old HR won't be hanging around Loch Lomand anymore. He has a Foreign Warrant/Hold which means he's wanted out of Marion County or the State of California, Plus an $11,000 bail. If he doesn't have money for $10 hanks he sure as hell doesn't have a grand for bail. Failure to appear & driving on a suspended license is just a misdemeanor though.



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Can someone interpret that police warrant info? I get the gist, just want specifics.
He got nicked for driving with suspended license (4601.1. (a) No person shall drive a motor vehicle when his or her driving privilege is suspended or revoked for any reason other than those listed in Section 14601, ) .. somehow it is twice in the system, as well as the BS stuff of a license plate lamp not working (This Vehicle Code section establishes the requirement for a lamp to illuminate the rear license plate. )

But the failure to appear is a bummer and manages to piss of they system.

Both [SIZE=11.818181991577148px]vehicle[/SIZE] code infractions quoted are [SIZE=11.818181991577148px]California[/SIZE], so when they say foreign hold they mean non san rafal county...

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So, now it's up to HR Jr to complete the repairs, modifications and head off to the high seas.

I expect that FH will just get abandoned where she currently sits.

I story now should be that HR is a flight risk, since he (or at least thinks he does) have the means and the plans to flee the country and head to the south Pacific.


Something for HR to think out as he sits in the brig.

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So, was the Bayliner the motor vehicle being driven on the suspended license? Does that mean it could be impounded? What are the HRs gonna do now? Trouble cubed.

Sucks if this is how the dream ends, but much safer than hoisting sails and escaping the long arm of the law, no matter how dramatic and fulfilling an end that would be to this saga. Too much potential in that plot twist for mayhem affecting others, despite the spectacular appeal of dismasting and rescue on the high seas drama.



He's a nice chap by all reports, let him play himself :)

Anyway, Viking/Michael, if you're still reading this I hope you get your dad out of jail, and manage to take care of the FH also, it would be sad for it to just stick to mud and be torn apart by tides & waves.

Hint: sell the bike and you may cover dad's bond & have some left over to create decent towpoints :D

since there was no retraction made, I have just reported the threat made by HR. I was asked to send the actual post and SA's url to this thread, which I have done. If I hear anything further I shall let you all know. The San Rafael police boat may be giving him a visit soon.

C'mon Meuritt, don't start that bullshit, that's Busch League. Let the guy be, last thing he needs is a bunch of cops fucking with him.
Actually, I think he craves attention, and a police visit would just be more attention.

Looks like he got that attention. Dammit son, getting absolutely arrested sucks. Think he mixed it up with Meuritt??? Quite an unfortunate, unexpected turn of events.
No, it wasn't me, I am working today, and I doubt I would have provoked him in anyway, I'm not that sort. I'd have offered a beer summit, and wanted to in fact, or just walked away. But I guess the saga continues, the three (presumably) remaining on board with a vacate date fast approaching are in a tough spot. We can't volunteer to help, any damage done will be our fault and we have the means to be sued for damages.

I gladly offer some humble crow pie to my detractors...

I've also been around this site for more than a year, just for this thread, which I have read all the way through.

Spoffo, glad you got there at the right time, and glad it wasn't you.


PS, Michael, I am really sorry to hear of this turn of events


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