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on the viper 830 with a 95 sqm kite we used 57mm Harken ratchet as the back turning block (~180 degree turn) and a 57 mm Ratchamatic forward for the ~ 90 degree turn. Great holding power but would sometimes use a primary as a snubber on a reach. In light air we would just turn off the back ratchet to make it possible to pay out the kite sheet and to be able to let the sheet run for gybes. Nothing magic really


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The other boats in the photo are surely not the same class? They are yachts with rails etc, yours is a sport boat.

Hi Bored stiff from Copenhagen, I end up spending a lot of time in you fine city, with my mate Kim (& Annette) Andersen who live maybe 15min drive nth of the city, near where the 29er had there Europeans last year (I was there) and then Aarhus for the 49ers (I was there also), great city, jazz in the park while sucking back Aperol Spritz, you do it tough. Great city, great people!

In the Super 30 fleet, everything is sailed from Melges and MC 32, Cape 31, all the way down to 7m Sports boats, think it's 4 clubs, SASC, RANSA, RSYS & DYC with a loose set of rules.

In fact you don't even need a motor or a bulb to sail, if it's nominally between 28-32ft and nominally a yacht, (even a Sportsboat) and your a member in good standing with one of the clubs (I'm RANSA and SASC) you can race.

For the last got to be 8-9 years Very Tasty which is a heavily modified Hick 30, so it's 30ft, quite tall Carbon stick, very long fin with not much lead and sailed very well, mostly with a can of beer in hand, has been the gun boat. We have beaten Tasty a few time in the past 8-9 years in a Mumm30, and a Thompson 8. But not often! GT even brought a Hick 30 but in it's non modified form, we got hosed, and it was a bit tame for us, so he sold it off to some "yachties" (we call ourselves Skiffies") and they have a ball with it doing Thursday and Friday night racing. I will sail past her today out of MHYC doing Wednesday night beer can racing on a Farr 40.

Back to Super30's, there is a handicap, not sure how it works, and no doubt we will get penalised as we should after our first outing. Most people sail for their handicap so it all works.

I doubt we will win (on handicap) again for a while! It's all great fun!



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I have had no rotation issues with Dynema.
Also GT and I put the mast back up yesterday, after being down for bit over a week. If there was recoil, it was maybe 10-15mm, we did not have to do the double shuffle that say Dave Lambourne dose.

But WRT my set-up, I pin the top of my Bluewaves (Primaries and D1's) with what is effectively a 120mm long bolt, so when I go to tighten or ease, the tops are locked.

I use a bit of excess carbon batten material, so its about 18mm wide, 6-8mm thick and 120mm long, to actually turn the bottle-screws, and when done, I park it by sliding it through both bodies of the turnbuckles and it has a bit of shockcord in them so you just loop it around and then they can't turn. Obviously I have one batten/turner per side (and a spare in the spin bag).

I will take some photos for you tomorrow.

Splicing day today. Spare Primaries, D1's and Spinsheets.
If I have them, I wont need them!
If I don't, I most certainly will!


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North sells these for the M24, but we use homemade ones.


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Hi all, huge day, 2nd race we finished, and yes we won again, no where nearly as easily, but a win is a win!

1st I owe a photo of our shrouds arrangements.


You can work out what is what, if you can't, I'm happy to embellish!

The race, fresh NEer, SeaBreeze, after the race gave 21-23knts at the Wedding Cake 1st time up. May have backed off a tad, a bit latter, or maybe we got used to it, but there where some 30knt bullets.

Worlds worst start, nicely set-up and a FT came up from behind with inertia and rammed us head to wind, we did not touch (much) but I was just stupid. we ended up tacking with 20 secs to go, no speed going backwards, yad yad yad.

By the time we crossed the line, they had a 200-250m led.

1st mark was Manly west, I think its a 3.5nm slog across the heads.
We got "that" FT by Chowder bay (1/2way) we got Tasty by Middle Head.
We didn't get Reo but went around the top mark(s) (there are 2) maybe 4-5 BL behind them.

First work, boat wanted to do 8-8.5 knts, but we found it so much better, if we pull the speed down to 7.6-7.8knts and took the height. Huge learning day, it was fresh, ripped some fittings off, and that required some jury rigging, but it seemed that once we get over say 7.5knts, maybe its the foil going laminar, don't know, but that is the sweet spot. But 3.5nm is a grueling 1st leg, stomach hurts, arms hurt, and I was steering.

Popped the spin, and took off, we went maybe 15° lower than Reo and approx the same speed, so it was not long before we had a 2-3 min lead. Wild ride, max speed was just shy of 20 knts but spent a lot of time over 18. Hit some big waves, did not get airborne but certainly knew we hit a wave.

Big Pete hung on to the spin, and had few issues, so not having to get up over ferry wharf's make a huge difference. Jimmy and Martin occasionally helped but not often.

Then a container ship popped its head around Brabley's. We have a rule in Sydney, can't sail inside a pilot boat, we had to drop the spin, and 2 sailed up (pilot boat was very accommodating) over the pilot boat. Then 2 sailed into the mark, but Reo came in hot, 3 sails and got to the mark just in-front of us, as in less than 1/2 a BL.

Reo has a really small rig and loves fresh to frightening conditions. so they got us on the way up to Lady Bay, but once we popped the spinnaker, same story 15° lower and fast,
Great ride over Shark, but too fresh to make it over Clark, so Martin and Nelly got it (spin) off under a lot of pressure, and a much faster 2 sail into Garden Island, but again Reo, 3 sails, came in hot, but this time we had 10-12 BL lead for the sail home to Taylor Bay, and we probably extended that a little by the time we got the gun.

Sailing where

Nelly Poyuzan (wonderful French lady)
Martin Mok
Pete (Robo) who normally sails on Skeeter.
Jimmy Beck
Zak (Jimmies 9 year old son, normally sails a Sabot, he will have bragging right with Will (his older brother) tonight.
And me.
All up weight Martin and I guessed at 540kgs

Need to stress, this was a batisum of fire, normally I would have worked up to 20+ Knts, but boat handled it perfectly. Sure some broken stuff, but nothing critical, possibly lost 1 - 2 mins up the first leg doing Jury rigging, but after than B--ls to the Wall and sent it with little qrt given.

We lost the Velocitek 1/2 way up the 1st leg, (dummy here did not charge it) so 99% of the race was feel, and the occasional humming, told us we were motoring, tracking app gave us max speed, no idea where or when and really downhill the whole day was quick.

Leach (jib) tuff, interesting, now that I mentioned it GT and Jimmy were on it and yes, 90% of the time it was 60-65°, occasionally 90+° (vertical). I have had a cuff made and was carrying it but did not get it fitted, job for PL.

Great day, learnt a lot, probably still only at 80% max potential, but lots of boxes ticked.


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Thought I should share this with you.


14ft planks on a Skate!!! Makes 33ft wings on a 18teen look tame.
I had a Skate once and I remember 2 x 14ft planks, so both skipper and crew out that far.
You knew you where alive, this shot is probably mid 1970's about when I had my Skate.
(but this is not me) Amazing boats, then and still are! GT was also a mad Skate sailor, far madder than me.


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Hi all.

Quick correction, Jaimies son is Flyn, and he was sensational.

Officially we won by 45sec to Reo and 11+ mins to Tasty.
2nd on handicap to Reo.

In that video, when AJ pans back ( & huge thanks to AJ) you can see Reo under spin with the red spinnaker.

Lots of tweaks planned, drop a bit more rake into it, refine some fitting systems, fit the cuff, but all in all, for 21-23 knts with bullets, pretty happy puppies.

Big pack up tomorrow and off to PL Friday.


I actually know where Half Moon Bay (CAL) is, I'm pretty sure I stayed there some time back.

I went looking for my father's books, because there was a perfect photo in it, but the wife has parked them in the attic, then she started throwing out my SeaHorse mags, and showed me this one.
View attachment 562183
The mag is Nov 2020, the shot was taken 1995, from memory it was Rottenest Island (WA) Dave (Gilly) Ewings in the beak, I'm floundering in the middle and Scott Ramsden is steering, 17ft wide wings, looks like a #2 rig.

The point about the shot, which is similar to the one in Dad's #2 book (which was taken in the factory with the boat on it's side, same-same but different) is the consistency of the battens, so coming off the luff they fan or flair out and ever increasing angles off the mast, as you go higher and higher , at a greater and greater angle of attack, that has to do with washout a) as you go up the rig and b) slot effect from the jib. (& in this case the spinnaker)

And again the leach exit is near perfect. In those days we would have started with a quiver of batten material, and we had this big disk sander (fortunately with vacuum extraction) and we would start with a set of what we thought was right and then go up and down the sail, sometimes 3-4 times, to get it just so. Each rig could take a day to get right, and often we went through a few battens. When finished we would do a light final sand and then heat-shrink the battens so the small fibers did not cut the sail.

Also notice how close the main is sheet-ed, also notice that all the leach ribbons are streaming so it's not over sheet-ed.

AWA would be 44-45° TWA would be 145-150°, SOG would be up around 20knts.
Finally had a chance to have a good read of all the square top stuff - very interesting and thanks for all the details! It certainly helps shed some light when I'm staring blankly at the sails trying to make them do stuff!

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