9 M Trimaran in Australia


Hi All, we just did our first Surf to City with the boat, unfortunatly we hit a bank and broke a board plus blew up the MH Kite so decided to pull out and save the 20 mile beat to windward home in 20-25 knots. Here is a little mashup showing some video and photos of us and some of the other Multis in the inshore fleet.


Thanks Benboy for going to the trouble of editing and posting vid. Soz about the sandbank. Not helpful.

PIL66 - XL2

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Great vid and pics coming through..... Never easy designing and building a boat like this from scratch and it looks to be working very well..... shame about the damage.... offshore race looked good to.....


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Benicia, CA
Thanks mate, they are the most similar boats on the course, we were able to get over and foward, call water for the gybe, call agin for the next Gybe as ended up in front and them, we then got the little gap we needed to get past the Farrier and be with the front two recovering from not my finest start ever.
Ego aside, missing the start with a faster boat is sometimes more fun since you get to bash the egos of the slower boats as you go over the top or maneuver with elan. Sailing with no one in front of you means you have to know where the next mark is and guess the shift better while lurking behind can be beneficial (especially in handicapped racing). Fun is where you find it :)

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