A 9/11 Hero's Outrage


"He blocked a terrorist from boarding United Flight 93, saving the U.S. Capitol from attack. So why has Jose Melendez-Perez been sidelined over a bureaucratic infraction?" -Michael Smerconish

What's right with this bureaucracy?
He seems like a terrific fellow, but he left his gun in the car overnight and it was stolen. Many people wouldn't feel comfortable leaving a portable tire air compressor in their car overnight down in Orlando, let alone a government-licensed firearm and possibly badge.

Bottom line ... he's essentially a cop (a heroic cop) but he lost his gun. That's just one of those things that never goes well. I'm sure he'll emerge well from this thing, but the world over, "bureaucracy" is never kind to soldiers and cops who lose their weapon.

Anyway ... a bit off the subject, I love Puerto Ricans. They consider themselves Americans, we consider them Americans, by the letter of the law they are Americans. When are they going to make the plunge (along with Guam or Palau) and become the 51st and 52nd States?

I know they'll have to add them in twos, because I once tried to design a symmetrical flag field with 51 stars, and it's essentially impossible. 51 isn't prime, since 3*17=51, but such a radical departure (i.e. 3 columns of 17, or 6 columns of 8 and 9) for our field of stars would be difficult. It would be better to add a 52nd State. However, the real mess would come with the 53rd State, because 53 is purely prime, and that would essentially be worse than impossible to make a symmetrical field.

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