A asymmetrical on a J-24?

So the guy I crew for on some Thursday night races has come up with a crazy idea of mounting a sprit on his J-24 for the purpose of flying an asymmetrical. His reasoning is he thinks this will be easier to handle because we always sail short handed, just the two of us. Yes it can be a handful when the wind exceeds 10 knots but we somehow manage and actually do quite well.

I did a forum search but didn’t seem to find anyone crazy enough to try his configuration. I see an issue with the mast not being supported by the shrouds for a masthead kite setup. Also there is the issue of properly supporting the sprit on the deck.

Has this been attempted on a 24? If so was it worth the effort? Should I drug test my skipper for coming up with this crazy idea? 😆


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I seem to recall one of the Annapolis area boats going that route in PHRF many years ago...
On W/L races that were say, under 1.5 miles, I don't think they even gybed the kite very often, if they needed to gybe they just flipped the main over and sailed wingy wingy with the kite if it was a short hitch on the other board. No idea how well they did with that config, but it did look easier to manage short handed than a sym kite


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I did this with my J24 about ten years ago so I could singlehand in the spin fleet. I got a Selden bowsprit kit and an A sail that was the same area as a class Symmetrical. I took a three second hit because of the bowsprit. I got pretty good at the set, jibe and douse, but these were W/L races so I was doomed except for once or twice when the wind shifted way forward and the other J24s couldn't carry. Then I had a big speed advantage. It was fun and I did beat most of the other PHRF boats, but the J24s with the pole back were too quick for me. Doublehanded would be faster but DDW would still be tough. Good luck.

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