A big project!


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This guy is either insane or has been hired by someone who is insane.  You have to be insane to own a wooden boat.  Actually, you have to be either insane or in love and it helps to be both.



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I sure hope he is successful.  I just wonder what the deal is.  He certainly is not making money off those videos.  I make nothing off mine even with 50,000 views.  Well, I think I made thirteen cents or something.

I should mention for anyone who doesn't know, I have a wood boat,  Some of what he was doing looked all too familiar although mine never got quite to that condition.


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Don't know what his plan is, but there certainly is a market for classic wooden yachts.

Two rules though to attract wealthy buyers.

1- Have a strong pedigree and the "stories" to go with it

2- Be restored to "Bristol fashion"

Tally Ho certainly fully fulfill "rule 1"

Good luck to him.



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Thanks for posting this, it looks like it will be a really good series. For being so young he seems to have a good amount of experience. He also has tons of energy, but I cant see how one person could hope to finish this project in any amount of time less than a decade. It also reminds me of my great grandfathers axe. The handle has been replaced 5 times and the head three. But it is still his axe.


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I hope this works out and they can sustain making the videos. It would be the all time most epic wooden boat restoration series. At least he has a really good site and a good shop and he knows what he's doing. Assuming he has continued funding it will be interesting to see how fast he can go. The are huge projects but how many people can really work on them full time either. Maybe this will happen.

Does anyone remember Captain Zanatta doing a rebuild in Nicaragua a few years ago. He was posting regularly on the wooden boat forum. It ended really badly with loss of the boat due to government matters and other issues and what made it doubly tragic was how the great the story was going as he was doing it and writing about it really well.


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I wouldn't be surprised if he's doing it off his own bat and will be joining Ashley Butler in the boatbuilders-who-have-built/restored-their-liveaboard club. In that vein, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the hull, deck and rig done (only!), and then puts her back in the water a very rudimentary interior. He does mention some funding from the Albert Strange Society, IIRC.

I do just wonder about the workshop - whether it's lent or what. But anybody who can basically live for nothing, eating out of supermarket rubbish bins, in the pursuit of a dream/plan is a pretty determined guy.


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