A big project!

I like how he's rebuilding to the original plans and yet is diverging from the original build by removing the iron floors and replacing with wood. Tally Ho was a composite boat in that regard as she had some iron in her original structure. His use of live oak and the tree nail (sic) fasteners are examples of his dedication to traditional materials built with a mix of modern and traditional tools. Its also fascinating to see the input of other guest workers on the various jigs and tables. Not to mention the evolution of the ship saw. 

His shout outs to other Youtubers is cool in his last video. Some good suggestions are made. I binged on Tips from A Shipwright over the past months after navigating the rabbit hole of traditional boat building content available online. The skiff and dory episodes are tremendous.



wow...refurbishing a mostly idled 79' S2 11.0a (I just bought this fall) to original sailing and comfort form...and re-coring the deck and mast step on my 81' 9.2a (this spring) seems much less daunting now..



At least according to the tourist brochures and local real estate agents, Sequim exists in a state of perpetual sunshine and balmy breezes while the rest of us in Puget Sound slog through endless rain and gray. 
Sequim sits in the wind shadow of Mt Olympus which wrings out most of the moisture from the moist Pacific winds. There is a micro climate that is indeed sunny and relatively dry, one of the reasons the Navy built an airfield there.




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What impresses me is how so much work can get done without any nicks, cuts and scrapes to the knuckles and other body parts.  I would have lost three digits and an eye by now.

Edit: And maybe a leg with the chainsaw.

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Nah, you’re wrong as usual.

I watched the video as one who restored a wooden yacht over a period of time. That young man has so much drive, energy, passion, patience and knowledge-not to mention intelligence, that he deserves a medal from a bunch of organizations.



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Why not? It won the race long ago as one of the only two to finish, so why not do it again? This guy will do it...
Oh yeah, I’m impressed - not throwing any shade on Leo.

Can he make the Nothwest Passage in this boat?   Haven’t looked into logistics of that but, it’s got to be shorter than the Horn?

He deadpans it about not wanting to use the Panama Canal (completed after Tally’s launch) for a more fitting adventure up north or all the way around as it would have been in 1910.

Started sailing & boatbuilding 8 years ago.  28 y.o. Slocum in the making.

They can have Elon Musk - this is becoming an epic adventure.