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I have almost zero interest in a wooden boat, despite thoroughly enjoying a couple days at the Port Townsend wooden boat show in 2019. But I absolutely love watching Leo's superb work, and had a pleasant visit in 2019 as well, and his is the only YouTube channel for which I am a patron. The only other wooden boat shows I'm currently following are Acorn to Arabella and Sailing Yaba. It's fun to see the different approaches to such a basic thing as planking. Leo's are pieces of art, as usual. AtA steamed theirs and have struggled with two different woods and breaking planks. SY's most recent video is quite something, they are applying the planks in a very different way, and securing them just with large nails (as far as I can tell, by angling the nails at different angles they secure their planks sufficiently?)



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Leo is livestreaming the Whisky Plank today! From Facebook:


Join us for a drink! Whisky Plank Live Stream - Tomorrow (Thurs 25 March)
@ 1900 UTC ( 1200 PDT / 1500 EDT / 1900 GMT )
Watch from Sampson Boat Co YOUTUBE CHANNEL




EPISODE 94 In this episode we hang the last of the regular planks and start making “shutter planks” - the planks that fill a gap between already fastened areas of planking above and below. These require more careful patterning, but are extremely satisfying to hammer into place if they fit properly - but will they ?! Before we hang the very final plank (the Whisky Plank!) I trim the plank ends flush with the transom, which really visually transforms the boat. Finally the Whisky plank is hammered into place, and the crew celebrates with a well earned wee dram.



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Jesus effing Christ, have we become so jaded that we can not even appreciate a boatbuilder sharing a major moment in the project live without harping on about video quality?

Like Leo said, he did it himself from his own phone using the patchy cell and wifi connection available to him, while trying to enjoy the moment himself and sharing it with the team. Lest we forget, we are not talking about TV production organizations, but amateurs that have built up some skill in filming and editing short films.

I was happy to share the moment, and raise a glass of whiskey with him on Thursday.

And again on Saturday when the regular video came out.

And yet another time when Peter Knowles of Travels with Geordie witnessed the moment in his video of the week.

Maybe I should stop watching youtube for a while before I run out of whiskey... :wacko: :p

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BONUS TIMELAPSE VIDEO! I took a bunch of photographs from various different angles while we were planking TALLY HO, and intended to create a time-lapse for the previous video - but it was more work than I anticipated and I did not get it finished in time. So I’m releasing it as a short bonus video! I hope you guys like it.



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Yeah, more like fair, bung, fair, caulk, prime, fair, reprime, paint.

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