A-Cat DNA F1 T-rudders an modern foils

Hi there,

I am considering to change class from F18 to A-Class as I want to get into the foiling game and sail solo - so that I can train and fail more often ;-) As there are quite some older 2016 DNA F1-Platforms on the market, I have a question: is it possible (without an engineers-degree) to equip this platform with T-Rudders an halfway modern foils (like Z22) so that it does gain some more stability? Could I still compete in regattas (ad hoc winning would of course, at least for a start, be out of the question with any boat) or has the evolution of newer platforms just been to massive?

I have the feeling that older Exploder AD3 are more easily upgradable.

Thank you all!

Best, Andreas


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The newest boats are a step ahead but I can tell you so much depends on the sailor for most of us.  I watched someone here sail the heck of an original F1 a couple of months ago in Florida and finish near the top.  

I think the rudders could be swapped easily for new T foils (the eXploder ones fit in the F1X rudder cassettes from what I have heard for example) though you would need to move the gudgeons to keep the boat class legal.  



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While you can fit better rudders to a DNA F1, upgrading the main foils isn't possible without surgery to fit new cases. Even the F1X foils don't fit the older F1 boats.

The big difference between older boats and the newer ones is rudder differential. Retro fitting to a DNA is a real mission, but it's not so bad on an Exploder. Is it needed? Downwind, it's an elite tool and you need to know exactly how much to use and when to realise a gain. However, upwind, for most, it's the difference between being able to foil or not. It's a game changer.