A-Fleet, B-Fleet


lake erie,
Used to be all threads reverted to Espo is dick

Now they all revert to Wespo is a dick

Or sometimes both

Merry Christmas and post the email!
Maybe Lee could start a thread just for wesley...be a real thoughtful Christmas present.
As for the last item, PM sent. At this point wespo has sent me a dozen or more e-mails in the past 12 hours, all whiny and whingy like. "Whhaaaa, take down that boat name", "Whhaaaa, Espo is lying sack", "Whhhaaaaa, they begged me to sail with them", "Whhhaaaaa I would never commit to a 4 knot shit box, I'm better than that", "Whhhaaaa, every boat I sail on is better for having me along", "Whhhaaaaa, it is all about me and my image", "whhhaaaa, whhhaaaaa, whhaaaa." It has gotten so bad I had to add him to my spam list!

Merry Christmas to all!!
#6-I owe you an apology.Posting on some past topics I defended this tool thinking he was from what I could gather a young man making his way through the ranks.I could not have been more wrong! He is a self absorbed jackass.From some of his posts you would think he actually writes the checks.Again,I stand corrected."I don"t race for the kudos or slaps on the back"Location:A podium near you.Speaks volumes!


SA's Morrelle Compasse
Shoud we renamme thisse theade somthing licke "Who ealse hattes wespey?"

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John Drake

JWW, no worries. I am not the sort to take this place personally nor seriously. Anytime you are in the area, PM me and we shall have a beer or thirteen.

Tittyarse, to know me is to love me.

Snaggy, I thought we already did?

Every offseason one thread gets hijacked for western sound sailors to talk smack in. It appears that this thread is the chosen one. Completely insignificant that will garner 5000+ posts.

Also Snags, what is up with the bold type? I think you make your points without having to resort to altering fonts. :)

Too lazy to read everything, If someone already sugested this my appologies.

Start everyone together. Have the boat declare at the start of the Season A,B or C fleet. Overall award and Individual fleet awards.