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So, San Francisco East, eh?
Not exactly, Florida has a legacy of “ mobile home “ that were inexpensive winter homes along with older small block and frame homes. Historically most of these were along the coastline’s. Sadly these folks are getting squeezed out by the ever increasing influx of permanent residents arriving with cash further reducing available cheap housing. Ft Myers Beach was hit hard and was a funky tee shirt beach town . It will not be rebuilt like that, high rollers and developers are in the process of rebuilding with condos and expensive beach community McMansions .


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Chile's Boric's speech was brutal and powerful. An uncompromising defense of basic human rights:

"It is not a narrative, it is a reality, it is serious, and I have had the opportunity to see it up close in the faces and in the pain of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who have come to our homeland, and which also demand a firm and clear position in respect that human rights must be respected always and everywhere, regardless of the political position of the current ruler. This applies to all of us."

The speech of the president of Uruguay, in the great hall, with all the other presidents, and in Lula's face, was a beautiful thing. Brutal. Too bad I couldn't find an English translated video:

"I was surprised when it was said that what happened in Venezuela was a narrative. You already know what we think about Venezuela and the government of Venezuela. If there are so many groups in the world that are mediating for there to be a full democracy in Venezuela, for human rights to be respected, and for there not to be political prisoners, the worst thing we can do is to cover the sun with our finger. Let's name what it is and let's help"

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