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Ed Lada

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Oh, and if you're coming out of anesthesia and they hit you with 200 joules, DAMN
That will wake most people up!   

We had one young medic in a small, not normally busy ER that was always fucking up.  At every shift change we would test the defib machine, there was a test device to put the paddles on.  Somehow dumbfuck managed to get one of his thumbs in the way of the jolt, which is almost impossible to do.  He danced around and yelped a bit.  

Afterward there was some speculation that he did it on purpose just to see what it felt like, he was that kind of guy.

On slow nights, sometimes we would practice sticking each other to stay proficient at starting IVs.  The deal was you did one and them, then they did one on you to keep it fair.  This guy would say, "Hey, does anybody want to practice sticking me, I won't do one to you, just go ahead and stick me.  He was from Barstow, CA. That probably explained a lot




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Due to coronavirus precaution, Bob Shellard isn't allowed to visit his wife in her Connecticut nursing home. So he stood outside her window and held up a sign that said "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary."


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Very true. As my cardiologist said "Afib won't kill you, but the stroke might"
I twice missed the Doc playing god.  I got Grave's Disease, hyper-thyroid.  The first time I hadn't got enough rat poison to thin my blood enough.  The second time after the radioactive iodine had killed my thyroid the Afib cured itself. 



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Mohammed Bin Lyin said:
Your point, if you have one?

I am surprised that China did not have a Level 4 lab before 2018. The Canadian one in Winnipeg (note that both cities' names start with 'W', a coincidence? I think not, there is clearly a conspiracy at foot there) is older than that. As a Canadian I am not allowed to discuss the nature of the research being done there with foreigners. Suffice it to say that all dangerous experiments are done in the winter time (late August to mid-June) so if something goes wrong they can just open the doors to kill the pathogens.


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