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The four blondes on the left are marveling at his hair. The woman in the white jacket is trying to remember if she turned the oven off. The chick with the sign and the beefy one behind her are thinking "Yeah, he can grab me by the pussy anytime". For the 50's-styled one on the right, the pills have just kicked in and she's hanging on to that barrier until the room stops spinning. .
Beefy one wants to grab him by the pussy, I think.


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Damn, but there is always a Tweet.  ALWAYS.

Twitter is simply the rake on which he continually steps.



Super Anarchist
All those stickers on what appears to be an emergency response vehicle are pretty scary. WTF does the state think about decking out a fire truck with political bullshit?
Ish, I'm picking the vehicle used to be a public service type prolly surplus now owned by an Uber right wing tradie gun nut.


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