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here we only have road tax added to petrol
diesel because so many farmers and fishermen use it has no road tax on it
diesel vehicles pay RUC's ( road user charges ) on the ks they drive .. it is modified by the vehicle type and weight

it's no biggie
and while electric vehicles dont as yet pay it ( to encourage uptake ) they will when they hit a certain percentage of the fleet

no reason the usa couldn't work out how to do it as well .. it has to be done at some point
We have road tax on both gas (petrol?) and road diesel, and in the case of the city I live, sales tax on just about everything, a portion going to roads, and I am sure some fed tax goes for roads also. We still have tolls. Our "off road" diesel for farm equipment and boats has a dye in it and is untaxed (or possibly reduced tax, not sure). It is a crime if you get caught with dyed diesel in your road registered vehicle. Yeah, we complicate the crap out of it, probably to keep us confused as to just how much we are paying in tax.

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Sounds like he got off easy. The others are up for felonies.



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States are increasingly adding surcharges to EV registration fees to cover the lost gas tax revenue, I read about it a while back so I don’t have a cite at hand but poke around, you’ll find some info on it re: what states/how much/etc.
I just renewed my carbon emitters. They charge $100 for a hybrid, $200 for EV in Ohio. Gasoline tax is 38.5 cents per gallon, or 518 gallons per vehicle per year to make the same contribution. I’m pretty sure I don’t buy that much per vehicle. Edit. That would be 16-20000 miles per year on the focus, 6-8000 on the boat hauler. I pay less for the roads with a gas tax.
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