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Jax, FL
Where's the punchbowl?

Do any of the Trump supporters, some on here, that bad mouth Biden for reading from a teleprompter, happen to notice Trump's complete focus on the one to each side of him?

The scarier thought is that the shit coming out of his mouth is actually written by someone.


Super Anarchist
Cannon isn't trying to win this legally. She's trying to procedurally delay the fuck out of this indefinitely.
Ideally that would be after the midterms. However, the 11th isn't playing along.

I suppose the fly in the ointment to the stalling tactics may be the judges above Judge Cannon want to spend the least possible amount of time in the center ring of Circe du Trump dancing with the clowns. Not what they signed up for when they decided to become judges.

This just might get settled a lot quicker than Trump would like.

veni vidi vici

Veni Vidi Ego Dubito
True at the State level. It’s done at the District level.
They are not banned, just not allowed in the teaching curricula especially in the elementary classes. Parents are free to wallpaper their child's room with pages of the “band books “and quiz the child before meals

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