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Lauren Boebert's re-election in jeopardy, new poll shows​

3 Hour Ago- Politics & Policy
John Frank, author of Axios Denver

Republican firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert is dangerously close to being upset by a little-known Democratic rival, a new poll in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District shows.

By the numbers: Boebert received support from 47% of likely voters, while Democrat Adam Frisch landed at 45% — making the race a statistical tie within the ±4.4 percentage point margin of error.

7% of voters are undecided, per the poll.

The survey, taken Sept. 29–Oct. 2 by Keating Research, a Democratic firm and one of the most accurate pollsters in Colorado, represents a 5-point swing toward Frisch. In July, Boebert held a 49%-42% advantage.

Unaffiliated voters — those not aligned with a major political party — strongly dislike Boebert, who's known for her Christian nationalist rhetoric, opposition to bipartisan legislation, and lighting rod remarks about guns and immigration. Those voters are shifting toward Frisch as the election progresses, pollsters said.


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Super Anarchist
It would be good to see Boebert back to doing tricks behind the 7-11. Presuming she gave that up when she was elected...
I don't think she gave it up, she just started screwing richer more well connected R people. Ted's her pimp.
Wonder how long before we hear about her divorce and her dalliances.

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