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Waiting for @The Joker to share a similar display from someone on the left.

If he can find one, it'll be amazing. He'll never find a parade of them.
But imagine if there is one! Can’t you Imagine it?
Not sure I can, it's difficult. People who tend to vote Democrat are so rarely wild-eyed zealot cultists.

But even if it doesn't exist, Mr Joke and his elk are afraid of it, because they'll kick his ass for having a Trump sign in his yard.


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I was thinking Samoa - that where the people are mostly hugely fat isn't it?
Sounds good. Sucks for the Samoans, but it's not like they get a vote anyway. May as well extend the same courtesy to the Trump Truck Nutters instead of giving them a police escort to blow the red lights and encouraging them tie up Ohio traffic and again.


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Samoans aren't all hugely fat, but anyone of them could squash most of us here in SA/PA like a bug.


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Samoans aren't all hugely fat, but anyone of them could squash most of us here in SA/PA like a bug.
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Once was at a beach party where a group of Samoans did a full-on pig roast in a pit in the sand. Absolutely fabulous. Especially the potatoes roasted inside the pig along with the hams, chickens, carrots, etc., etc.

While we waited for the food to be done, we played volleyball with some 20-something Samoan guys who were on the UW football team. It started to get a little rough when the 6'5", 320# guys started to spike the ball and we mostly cowered in fear.

Until a 5' nothing, 90# Samoan granny came steaming over, grabbed the biggest kid by his shirt, pulled him down and told him "Don't hurt the little people...I don't want to go find a switch." The kid literally cowered and nodded "Yes, granny! Sorry, sorry!".

From then on, pitty-pat volley ball until the food was ready. Absolutely fabulous day.